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Building a resilient supply chain

Jaclyn Jaeger | August 1, 2017

Many procurement professionals today realize the inherent value they bring to the business when they align more closely with other functions to help reduce risk, streamline operations, and ultimately reduce revenue loss. But they also are quick to admit that their supply chain risk management programs are a work in progress.

As companies continue to expand the scope of their risk management universe, focusing on more risks than ever before, many have also come to recognize that supplier risk can—and should—be incorporated into the broader, enterprise-wide risk management program. Yet, most procurement professionals still lack confidence in the overall maturity of their supplier risk-management program.

“They certainly realize how complex the whole area of supply chain risk management has become, but they also realize that their programs maybe haven’t caught up,” says Deb Stanton, executive managing director at supply chain and procurement research firm CAPS Research... To get the full story, subscribe now.