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Delayed but not dead, tax reform waits behind healthcare

Tammy Whitehouse | July 5, 2017

As Washington settles into summer and the dog days fast approach, Americans might wonder what ever happened to the Inauguration Day exuberance over the prospect of tax reform.

Republicans dominating the White House and both houses of Congress promised to take aim at the U.S. tax code, particularly corporate tax rates that far exceed those of America’s key trading partners and international tax provisions that have driven U.S. business offshore. The stage seemed set for meaningful change in tax policy.

Yet half a year in, neither the House nor the Senate has a promising legislative proposal moving through committee. Like many of the campaign promises made by President Trump, tax reform is caught in a quagmire of complex change and political controversy.

“Everyone is waiting with bated breath,” says Jason Gerlis, regional... To get the full story, subscribe now.