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Companies twist and abuse non-disclosure agreements

Joe Mont | February 13, 2018

There are times—reporting about the foibles and malfeasance of companies—that we ponder whether there is success to be had by starting a companion publication.

Rather than focus on regulatory compliance and ethics, our fanciful “evil twin” of a magazine would instead dig deep into avoidance strategies. Imagine such headlines as: ”10 GDPR loopholes you need to know”; “How to discredit a whistleblower”; and “How kitchen posters count as compliance training.”

We don’t mean to imply that companies are blind to what “the right thing” is. Boards talk the talk, and CCOs try to walk the walk. Problems incubate, however, when trouble, is instigated by bad apples unlikely to be deterred by quarterly training sessions. All it takes is an employee or two to cut corners, or cheat the system, for their employer to be thrown into the headlines.

The urge to defend themselves can then lead companies to take refuge in legalese, avoiding a straightforward mea culpa, and relying... To get the full story, subscribe now.