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Cyber-threats require rapid escalation from operations to executives

Phyllis Schneck | December 26, 2017

You think you’re prepared. You think you’ve done all you can to protect your organization from a cyber-threat storm. You have made cyber-security a part of your overall corporate risk strategy. You have prioritized and protected corporate assets. You have a diligent cyber-security team that monitors the networks and all that connects to them for anomalous activity from external sources and insider threats. You have planned ahead for incident response and business continuity. You even have a crisis management plan that you regularly adapt and exercise, complete with speed-dial contacts for incident response teams and law enforcement.

And then it happens. Your cyber-team informs you of an intrusion that has likely been active for weeks. And you realize you haven’t done enough.

It unfolds this way: The cyber-security team catches some troublesome network traffic. Perhaps it’s a large amount of traffic going to an unauthorized destination, or many connections sending... To get the full story, subscribe now.