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Keeping customer service on the right track

Jaclyn Jaeger | August 8, 2017

As the spouse of a train conductor, I’ve heard my fair share of crazy stories about train incidents.

There’s the story about a mother who had instructed her children to hide behind the car when it got stuck on the tracks—because, apparently, she had the powers of Superwoman (thankfully, the train stopped in the nick of time).

Then there was the time a guy carried a machete onto the train and then proceeded to argue about what the big deal was when he was asked to get off.

And more people than you can possibly imagine jump on or off moving trains, because they either get to the station too late, or miss their stop, and simply panic—and then attempt to blame the railroad for the injuries they suffer.

All of this is to say that employees are not always in the wrong, but a company cannot expect that customers will see it that way. Employee-facing customers are particularly susceptible to encountering tense and heated situations that, if not handled... To get the full story, subscribe now.