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ACL’s 3 Foundational Steps to Compliance Management

Traditional processes of managing compliance regulations on spreadsheets is antiquated, costly, and error-ridden. Plus, with policies and regulations constantly changing, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to know and understand what is required to complete eac­h requirement.

Let us help with ACL’s approach to simplify compliance. Join Cory McBain, product designer at ACL, who’ll provide you with a high-level overview of how ACL’s compliance platform can reduce your burden of compliance, with a data-driven approach.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Centralize and manage your standard and regulatory content
  • Use ACL’s compliance map feature to rationalize which requirements you need to cover and which are not applicable
  • Create a self-serve compliance report – to keep the external auditors and feds at bay!

Presenter: Cory McBain, Product Designer, ACL 

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ACL is a software company with a vision for the future of the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) professions: a community of compliance pros, auditors, risk management experts, IT and finance teams who are sought after for the value they deliver to their organizations. Through a unique combination of extreme ease-of-use, cloud delivery and the integration of industry standard risk analytics, ACL’s platform helps people focus more time on identifying and managing the highest-impact risks.


5 Ways ZenGRC Helps Compliance Teams Save Time and Boost Compliance

Time and time again companies find themselves running a bloated compliance strategy. CISOs, security, and compliance teams struggle with audits deadlines, inefficient workflows, outdated spread sheets and a lack of visibility into their compliance posture. Join Reciprocity’s RobEllis, as he shows you how companies like Uber, Fastly, and ThousandEyes use ZenGRC to improve their compliance posture. This is a can’t miss session for anyone managing a growing compliance practice or expecting an audit in the next year.

Presenter: Rob Ellis, VP of Business Development, Reciprocity

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Reciprocity’s mission is to turn corporate compliance from a cost center into a valuable strategic asset. We make compliance and risk officers more nimble with light weight software designed for hot growing companies. Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Software, called ZenGRC encourages compliance, risk, and audit managers to act more nimbly and stand toe-to-toe with the fast paced world of business. ZenGRC helps companies move beyond using spreadsheets to manage risk and compliance at a fraction of the cost of other GRC tools.