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Compliance Central: The all in one compliance platform for controls, reconciliations and certifications

Software demo, November 6, 2017

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Compliance Central is a platform solution that is used to document & test controls, reconcile accounts, approve documents and process secure certifications. 

This is a highlight reel of our technology stack.  Please select your area of interest from the menu below. 

Minute 0 = Platform Introduction

Minute 2:40 = Controls Manager

Minute 5:46 = Reconciliation Manager

Minute 11:07 = Certification Manager

Granite Consulting Group provides our software solutions to company management, internal auditors and corporate compliance professionals.  We share our customers’ background and experiences.  Our software is designed and tested by the people that have done the difficult work of facing control, compliance and risk challenges every day.  Our software stays out of the way and supports your individual process and way of working.  Finally, our in house Professional Services not only support our product; but can also help you solve your internal control and compliance challenges.