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Why risk, compliance, and ESG principles matter now more than ever

2020-04-09T13:49:00+01:00By Michael Savicki, Compliance Week Guest Columnist

The current regulatory and risk climate puts companies in a unique position to showcase their GRC and ESG principles, positioning them to thrive in the long run.


Survey: Coronavirus has companies scattered with exec pay packages


Results from executive compensation consulting firm Pearl Meyer’s recent survey show that companies are all over the place with how they intend to treat executive compensation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wells Fargo

Fed grants Wells Fargo temporary relief from asset cap restriction


An asset cap imposed on Wells Fargo in response to systemic failures at the bank in recent years has been temporarily modified to reduce limitations on its ability to distribute loans amid the coronavirus pandemic.


FASB votes to approve leases, rev rec delays amid coronavirus response


The Financial Accounting Standards Board ruled unanimously on tentative effective date delays to standards affecting revenue recognition and leases in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


FinCEN, OCC offer BSA compliance relief amid pandemic


Two federal agencies that oversee Bank Secrecy Act requirements have notified financial institutions they will agree to “reasonable delays” in the filing of required reports if institutions can show the delays are necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Money laundering

Study: Europe blows U.S. away in financial crime spending


A new report found financial institutions spent $181 billion on financial crime compliance worldwide last year, with European firms spending three to four times more than their counterparts in North America.


What government contractors need to know about coronavirus-related excusable delays, defenses


Government contractors seeking guidance on how to minimize costly delays and disruptions during the coronavirus (while preserving their rights) can look to these tips from a recent Webinar.

Coronavirus capital

Regulatory slowdown due to coronavirus makes compliance role critical


The ongoing pandemic is limiting investigations into most types of white-collar crimes as federal enforcement agencies refocus their attention on coronavirus-related matters.