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White Paper

Trusted Digital Identities

Sponsored by IdentityMind | January 5, 2018

Read this white paper to learn more about why it is crucial to develop digital identities which look at more than static data, and how introducing digital attributes such as online behavior and transactional history creates a much more robust system where trusted identities and suspicious identities evolve differently, making it easier to tell them apart.

White Paper

Secure information exchange with cloud fax for Financial Services

Sponsored by OpenText | December 20, 2017

Meeting the ever-changing requirements of regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Biley and Basell II, is an increasing and costly challenge for all organizations in the Financial Services sector.

White Paper

Security in Fax: Minimizing Breaches and Compliance Risks

Sponsored by OpenText | November 21, 2017

This white paper addresses fax communications and the steps you can take to help keep your organization compliant.

White Paper

The New Realities of Data Governance in a Regulated World

Sponsored by Hitachi | November 21, 2017

With the use of data, banks can better comply with data governance. Keep up with regulatory requirements with Hitachi’s e-discovery framework, which streamlines processes from weeks to hours. 

Software Demo

ACL’s 3 Foundational Steps to Compliance Management

Sponsored by ACL | May 18, 2017

Let us help with ACL’s approach to simplify compliance. Join Cory McBain, product designer at ACL, who’ll provide you with a high-level overview of how ACL’s compliance platform can reduce your burden of compliance, with a data-driven approach.

Software Demo

5 Ways ZenGRC Helps Compliance Teams Save Time and Boost Compliance

Sponsored by Reciprocity Labs | March 30, 2017

Join Reciprocity’s RobEllis, as he shows you how companies like Uber, Fastly, and ThousandEyes use ZenGRC to improve their compliance posture. This is a can’t miss session for anyone managing a growing compliance practice or expecting an audit in the next year.

Software Demo

Compliance Central: The all in one compliance platform for controls, reconciliations and certifications

Sponsored by Compliance Central | November 6, 2017

Compliance Central is a platform solution that is used to document & test controls, reconcile accounts, approve documents and process secure certifications. 


Managing compliance in a small FinTech company

Kylie Greeff | October 31, 2017

Managing compliance at a small company where life moves fast and risk is the stimulant of choice isn’t for everyone, but here is how you can make it work for you.

Software Demo

ProcessUnity Vendor Cloud Software Overview

Sponsored by ProcessUnity | October 31, 2017

With third-party risk automation, you can easily and efficiently minimize the risk to your valuable intellectual property and sensitive customer data, while also meeting the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements of your industry. Watch the video demonstration to learn more about ProcessUnity Vendor Cloud.


Is artificial intelligence ready for financial compliance?

Daniel Fernandez | October 24, 2017

“Artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are red-hot compliance buzzwords, but what do they really mean? And how can you actually incorporate them into your compliance program?