Accurately verifying an online customer and ensuring that they are who they claim to be is an increasing challenge and headache for compliance officers on many levels. Non-compliance is a significant regulatory risk, new GDPR-like legislation is creating new requirements for data privacy and protection, and it’s becoming increasing difficult to separate real customers from fraudsters.

This webinar will provide an educational overview of your online identity verification options and explore their inherent pros and cons. Traditional methods such as knowledge-based authentication and two-factor authentication are quickly falling out of favor while more modern approaches to identity verification are emerging. We’ll explore how these newer methods can alleviate many of your compliance headaches by ensuring that online users are whom they claim to be with great assurance without sacrificing the user experience.

This webinar will break down key factors to pay attention to when looking at compliance and identity verification including:

Explore the pros and cons of different identity verification methodologies

Understand the emerging compliance requirements of GDPR, KYC, and AML

Learn about key verification features, technologies & processes


Dean Nicolls, Head of Global Marketing - Jumio