Internal audit functions are expected to understand new technologies and to be able to provide advice to executives on if and how their organization should embrace them, while managing risks and implementing strong controls. Join PwC and Workday as they explore why now is the right time to reinforce governance and rethink your technology. PwC will provide insights from their recent State of the Internal Audit Profession report, including how internal audit functions are leveraging technology and talent for compliance and controls, while being relevant to the business. Workday will showcase how the Workday platform can be leveraged to streamline controls and provide valuable information to the internal audit function.

Attendees will learn:

1) About the relevance of emerging technologies to Internal Control

2) What type of control infrastructure is needed to implement these technologies

3) How talent is driving technology decisions and vice versa


Kendall Tieck, VP of Internal Audit - Workday

James Draper, Principal, Workday Security and Controls Lead - US, PwC