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RSA Archer Operational Risk Management

White Paper, December 20, 2016

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The number, complexity, and velocity of risks are increasing, and the speed at which these risks emerge means your organization has much less time to effectively respond. In addition, organizations are managing many different types of risks – like cyber, third party supplier, competitive and new products/service risks – within different business silos and assessing them using separate methodologies and measurements. Unfortunately, the current ad hoc risk management approach is overloading your resources and does not provide a consistent, real-time risk picture for your executive team.

RSA® Archer® Operational Risk Management makes it easy to engage your first line of defense to identify and assess risk, evaluate, approve and respond to loss events, and oversee key risk indicators. RSA Archer brings together data often found in siloed risk repositories to identify, assess, decision, treat and monitor risks consistently across your organization. RSA Archer serves as an aggregation point for your organization’s operational risk management program, enabling you to visually understand, prioritize and manage known risks and then expand your program.