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    FinCEN escalates crackdown on shell companies


    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has expanded efforts to require that title insurance companies identify the true owners behind shell companies used to pay for high-end real estate.

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    Another Goldman Sachs alumni nominated for top Treasury post


    With Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin now in place, the Trump Administration is looking to add another Goldman Sachs executive to a top post at the Treasury Department. James Donovan, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, has been nominated as deputy secretary.

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    Treasury issues final debt-equity rules with carveouts


    The U.S. Treasury has issued final regulations on debt-equity treatment, with some changes meant to narrow the scope to target most troublesome transactions. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Treasury Moves to Shine a Light on Real Estate Transactions


    Recently, the U.S. Treasury Department said it would begin demanding to know the names of folks behind the shell companies, which ultra-wealthy foreigners use to hide behind multimillion-dollar real estate purchases. Efforts by the U.S. Treasury Department to police more closely large cash purchases of real estate as a method ...

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    U.S. Treasury Proposes Country-by-Country Tax Reporting


    The U.S. Treasury Department has issued proposed regulations that would require the ultimate parent entity of multinational enterprises to report tax info to Treasury annually on a country-by-country basis. Companies would be required to provide information related to the multinational entity’s income and taxes paid in each tax jurisdiction along ...

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    Treasury Official to Banks: Manage Risk, Don’t Avoid It


    During remarks this week at the American Bankers Association and the American Bar Association Money Laundering Enforcement conference, Treasury Acting Under Secretary Adam Szubin provided some clarity on de-risking and anti-money laundering controls. “We believe that most risks can and should be managed, not simply avoided altogether,” he said. More ...

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    FCA: Banks Should Rethink Derisking Strategies


    The Financial Conduct Authority warns that banks should rethink their anti-money laundering strategies in light of reports that financial institutions have nixed services to customers that may pose potential money-laundering risks. The agency says, “These policies and procedures must be comprehensive and proportionate to the nature, scale, and complexity of ...