This webcast aired on June 1, 2021. 
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Third party risk management has always been a challenging area for risk and compliance professionals, never more so than today. As the global economy rebounds, third party risk has taken on new dimensions. As cyber risk is increasing, so ESG risk is coming under deeper scrutiny from investors and consumers. Whatever the nature of the risk, the key to success is building a truly effective risk management program.

Join PwC’s third party risk solutions team to learn more about three key aspects of an effective third party risk management program:

  1. How do you identify the right continuous monitoring solution?
  2. How do you measure the effectiveness of your program?
  3. What are today’s emerging risks, and how are companies approaching mitigating those risks?

Dean Spitzer, Partner - PwC’s Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensic Services
Adrian Mebane, Principal - PwC’s Cyber and Forensic Services
Laura Skrief, Partner - PwC’s Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensic Services