This webcast aired on September 20, 2022.
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There is an increasing need for effective data discovery in the worldwide push toward data protection and privacy legislation. Data privacy laws have been passed in 71 percent of countries, and a further 9 percent have draft legislation in progress.

While there is no universal, global standard for data protection, most legislation recognizes the same fundamental principles—that organizations must have:

  • A justifiable or legitimate need to have the data;
  • A responsibility to maintain the integrity of the data;
  • A responsibility to ensure the security of the data; and
  • The ability to delete the data when requested or when no longer required.

Three key learnings:

  1. The role of data protection in a global, interconnected information economy.
  2. How organizations can comply with new or updated data protection laws that prohibit data transfer outside a region or to specific countries.
  3. The value of data discovery for enterprise data management and security strategies.

Stephen Cavey, Co-founder, Co-CEO & Chief Evangelist - Ground Labs