This webcast aired on October 13, 2022. 
CPE Credit(s): 1

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With all the moving parts of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), governmental licenses often get lost in the shuffle. Lack of federal oversight on licenses might lull businesses into a false sense of security, believing the ramifications of noncompliance to be tolerable at worst.

But there are risks to not paying careful attention to your business license compliance during an M&A. If you are counting on operating your acquired locations on Day 1, selling your new products on Day 2, and keeping your distribution and supply chain functional on Day 3 and beyond, then you better be confident the business licenses owned and maintained by your acquired entity are up to date and that a strategy is in place to transfer them to your possession.

Avalara and Compliance Week polled 102 risk, compliance, and accounting and audit professionals as part of a survey on M&A pain points conducted from July through August. This webinar will:

  • Review those results, which contain crucial details about how companies view and seek to mitigate the risks of business license noncompliance;
  • Present insights from business license professionals who have spent years helping a variety of companies prepare for their M&As; and
  • Walk through different types of business licenses to help discern how much of a challenge they will present during an M&A.

Alan Ruttenberg, Product Marketing Manager – Avalara
Lorraine Cody, Lead Consultant for Business Licenses – Avalara