This webcast aired on June 24, 2021.
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All organizations have regulatory obligations to retain records.  Over the years, this has shifted from retaining hardcopy records to retaining primarily electronic records.  As the volumes and types of electronic data generated by organizations continues to grow, it becomes increasingly complex to correctly identify, capture, store, protect and make searchable hundreds of terabytes (or petabytes) of disparate data.    

Depending on their industry sector, organizations need to retain specific records for specified retention periods - in some cases, 10 or more years. The goal of any long-term archive is to securely store, preserve, and ensure the availability of digital content for possibly decades. Regardless of the retention period, every organization faces the same issues: how do ensure that an electronic record archived today will be searchable, accessible, and readable years into the future.

Our presenters, Jason Bero, Privacy, Risk, and Compliance Officer for Microsoft Canada, and Bill Tolson, Vice President of Global Compliance and eDiscovery will explore the business and technical challenges of long-term data retention and archiving.  They will also discuss current and emerging innovations for long-term archiving designed to increase the security and fidelity of electronic records and reduce costs and risk.

During this webinar you will learn:

  1. The challenges of long-term data archiving and how to plan for continued accessibility, readability, and usability.
  2. How to address the challenge of “the ticking clock” of current solutions.
  3. Key factors in increasing the security, integrity, and reliability of electronic records over time.

Jason Bero - Privacy, Risk, and Compliance Officer, Microsoft
Bill Tolson - Vice President eDiscovery and Compliance Solutions, Archive360