This webcast aired on April 28, 2020.
CPE Credit(s): 1

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In a rapidly changing world of rising regulatory and operational complexity, how does a compliance department stay one step ahead in ensuring awareness and alignment to the latest guidance by every employee? Be it changes in data privacy requirements or state specific harassment prevention legislation, updating policies and alerting compliance departments is only the first step. With limited resources and time, this problem is only getting bigger with time.

Join Len Larsen, Manager Ethics & Compliance at Starbucks, Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, CEO & Founder of Lumen Worldwide Endeavors, and Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning to understand how organizations use technology innovation to process information rapidly, take a risk based approach to informing employees and meet the ever-rising expectations from regulatory bodies like the DOJ. In this session we will:

  • Explore trends in the regulatory landscape and on the horizon expectations for key changes
  • Review essentials for managing change effectively and disseminating information effectively to your employees
  • Building a data-driven, connected approach to behavior change, so the new guidance becomes a habit

Neha Gupta, CEO - True Office Learning
Len Larsen, Manager Ethics & Compliance - Starbucks
Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, CEO & Founder - Lumen Worldwide Endeavors