This webcast aired on November 24, 2020.
CPE Credit(s): 1

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It’s been over 2 years since the GDPR became law and almost a year since the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted.  One of the biggest provisions of the GDPR and CCPA is a data subject’s right to have their personal information (PI) erased – otherwise known as the right to be forgotten.

One key question as you and your team grapple with the intent and interpretation of these laws: Do the EUs GDPR and California’s CCPA privacy regulations include the right of a data subject to have their personal information completely erased from all enterprise backups as well?

In this session we will address the following:

  • The emerging environment for individual privacy rights
  • New regulatory requirements in the spotlight: GDPR, CCPA, others
  • Nailing down what data is covered
  • What does the Right to be Forgotten really mean?
  • Privacy rights versus backups
  • How traditional Back Up Methods need to change to comply with trend for new laws
  • Archiving versus backup. Is there a difference?  

Bill Tolson, Vice President of Global Compliance
James McCarthy Esq., Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel