This webcast aired on August 25, 2020. 
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2020 will forever weigh in our minds as a year of incredible challenges and reinvention. As the mindset shifts from “managing through” to “moving forward with purpose” for many, how does Compliance play a role in helping our organizations heal in the realm of bias, diversity and racial equity? Compliance has a powerful platform within the organization that reaches every employee and can become a powerful strategic driver if leveraged the right way. 

Join Mandisa Diggs, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Strategist at Facebook, Arnold Evans, Enterprise Ethics Officer at Truist Financial, and Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning to discuss:

  • How to recognize different perspectives and align them for your organization’s culture
  • How to have the difficult, productive conversations with others to define strategy around unconscious bias and racial equity
  • How to leverage training and communications to help employees understand and uncover unconscious bias and avoid biased behaviors
  • What resources and tools must be leveraged to go beyond the “diversity statement” to create a truly inclusive culture

Mandisa Diggs, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Strategist - Facebook
Arnold Evans, Enterprise Ethics Officer - Truist Financial
Neha Gupta, CEO - True Office Learning