This webcast aired on April 21, 2020.
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In this webinar, Chris Lynskey, Vice President of Product at Interos, will discuss innovation in risk analytics to assess the impact from COVID-19 on global supply chains. He’ll be deep diving into real examples of how data science, big data, and sophisticated data visualization can improve organizational resiliency in the face current and future disruptions.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus brings convulsive exposure to supply chain risks to the surface, many companies will find themselves looking only at the first tier of their supply chain, the company that they contracted with for goods or services, unable to see how the companies that their first tier suppliers depend on are affected. Gaining multi-tier visibility is critical to weathering this storm and thriving in the new business reality that will emerge when the crisis abates.

This session will discuss the data and data science required to identify hidden relationships, and the variety of risks parties are exposed to, spanning financial, operational, governance, geographic and cyber concerns. You will learn how advanced technologies like network analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning can help you identify and understand the ripple effect that shock events can have on this interconnected world.

Chris Lynskey, VP of Product - Interos