This webcast aired on February 22, 2022.
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Join Proofpoint’s Dr. Michael McGrath, formerly of JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, on a tour of the new compliance environment, and learn how you can successfully respond to these changes.

Compliance officers sit at the nexus of a world of risk. Changes in regulation, regulator expectations, societal expectations, financial pressure, and personal accountability combine to make the compliance officer’s life very difficult and perilous.

That said, new approaches and emerging capabilities offer the compliance officer the chance to respond to these changes; meet the risk; and address overlapping, competing, and sometimes contradictory requirements.

In this webinar, compliance officers will learn about:

  • The nature and risks of the changing regulatory landscape emerging around them and the desire for personal accountability
  • The capabilities that exist today to:
    • Understand and predict risky conduct and prevent it
    • Catch risky behavior and block it as it is happening
    • Detect and investigate dangerous conduct
    • Determine the role of efficiency and effectiveness to reduce the cost of operating the compliance environment and not just the cost of owning the solution
  • The capabilities emerging to help them address these risks

Dr. Michael McGrath, Senior Director, Compliance and Archiving, Proofpoint