This webcast aired on February 25, 2021.
CPE Credit(s): 1

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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a SciFi concept. With increasing adoption across corporations for workflow automation, AI elicits a lot of reactions ranging from trepidation to excitement, along with deep discussions on risks and bias. For Compliance teams, with increasing budget constraints and rising complexity, the opportunity to leverage workflow automation with ethically sound approaches and technologies to utilize AI present a tremendous opportunity. Join True Office Learning CEO Neha Gupta to:

  • Learn about the key types of AI and their susceptibility to bias
  • Explore AI’s most common uses in compliance workflows
  • Understand AI strategies to drive hyper efficiency in compliance training, misconduct detection etc.
  • Identify technologies you can begin to use today

This session will give you practical advice on integrating AI into your compliance program strategy and maximize the impact you can deliver as a compliance team. As practitioners, it is time to put our existing notions aside and educate ourselves on AI, the value it can deliver to our programs and its rising interaction with our everyday world.

Neha Gupta, CEO - True Office Learning