This webcast aired on December 11, 2018.
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Today’s most innovative business leaders are taking an integrated view of risk and compliance, rolling critical business risks from the across the enterprise into centralized dashboards and reporting tools. This approach, known as Integrated Risk Management, allows for strategy-based (not just compliance-based) decision making, a reduction in risk management point solutions, and fewer risk “blind spots.

This approach has the potential to shift how we approach many types of risk, but few more so than third-party risk – that is, the risk posed by vendors and others who have access to your systems and data.

Third-party risk management (TPRM), when operating effectively, helps an organization flag high-risk behaviors and situations, monitor vendor risk levels over time, and compare the risk levels of vendors against one another. When TPRM is integrated within the broader technology risk posture of the organization, it provides even greater visibility, risk reduction, and cost savings.

In this webinar, experts from Focal Point and Riskonnect will explore the TPRM practices in use at today’s leading organizations, and how they’ve gained visibility and efficiency by taking an integrated approach. Attendees will learn:

  • How to break the silos and centralize third-party risk management
  • The keys to integrating third-party risk alongside other critical risk areas
  • How a tech-enabled approach to TPRM can automate routine tasks and reduce effort

Quin Rodriguez, VP of Strategy, Riskonnect
Jannie Wentzel, Principal, Focal Point Data Risk