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Special Editorial Coverage, e-Books and Webcast Forums

Compliance Week provides a wide selection of unique marketing opportunities in print, online and through events. These allow firms, that serve the corporate compliance and risk markets, a variety of options to reach our targeted audience focused on regulatory compliance.

The coverage in these magazines, e-Books, and events focuses on a wide range of issues and topics from ethics to cloud computing to regional compliance coverage of the European Union and the Far East, as well as a variety of compliance- and technology-related areas.

The top accounting, consulting, risk, and IT firms partner with Compliance Week, because we are flexible, efficient, and focused. We would like a chance to work with your organization as well. For more information on Compliance Week supplements, please e-mail Douglas Juenemann, or call us toll-free at (888) 519-9200.

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Special Edit Coverage: Compliance Officer Profile
e-Book: Continuous Controls Monitoring
Special Edit Webcast: Living With New Revenue Recognition Rules
Quarterly Special Report: The FCPA in 2016


Special Edit Coverage: A Look Inside the SEC
e-Book: Anti-Corruption Programs
Special Edit Webcast: Monitoring and Managing Third Parties
Webcast Forum: Anti-Corruption Programs

MARCH 2017

Special Edit Coverage: Building a Better Board
e-Book: Policy & Code of Conduct Management
Special Edit Webcast: Compliance & Regulatory Risks Under President Trump

APRIL 2017

Special Edit Coverage: Revenue Recognition Challenges and Opportunities
e-Book: Data Security and Privacy
Special Edit Webcast: What's Your Data Governance Strategy?
Webcast Forum: Compliance & Regulatory Risks in Brazil

MAY 2017

Special Edit Coverage: Career Advancement Tips and Tricks
e-Book: Creating a Culture of Compliance
Special Edit Webcast: Tone From the Top and Mood in the Middle

JUNE 2017

Special Edit Coverage: Top Minds 2017
e-Book: What's New in Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech
Special Edit Webcast: Social Media Regulation & Compliance
Webcast Forum: CW 2017 Highlights
Quarterly Special Report: Benchmarking Compliance

JULY 2017

Special Edit Coverage: Compliance Week 2017 Conference Coverage
e-Book: e-Discovery & Records Management
Special Edit Webcast: New Strategies in Compliance Training


Special Edit Coverage: 6 Months in - Trump Administration, BREXIT
e-Book: Conducting Internal Investigations
Special Edit Webcast: How to Conduct Effective Investigations


Special Edit Coverage: Big Data, AI, and Information Governance
e-Book: Latest Trends in Compliance Technology
Special Edit Webcast: Measuring Compliance’s Effectiveness
Webcast Forum: Compliance & Regulatory Risks in India
Quarterly Special Report: Compliance and Obamacare: Where Do We Go From Here?


Special Edit Coverage: Managing Third-Party Risk
e-Book: Managing Your Supply Chain Risk
Special Edit Webcast: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance


Special Edit Coverage: International Regulation
e-Book: The Evolving Role of Audit
Special Edit Webcast: Building a Better Speak-Up Culture


Special Edit Coverage: Year-End Review
e-Book: The Fight Against Fraud
Special Edit Webcast: Continuous Monitoring and Other Fraud-Finding Tools
Webcast Forum: Compliance & Regulatory Risk in China
Quarterly Special Report: Global Bribery Investigations

For more information on Compliance Week special sections, please e-mail Douglas Juenemann, or call us toll-free at (888) 519-9200.