This webcast aired on December 15, 2022.
No CPE credit will be offered.

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The concept of continuous compliance monitoring (CCM) in the cyber risk management world has been around for more than two decades, yet most organizations are either ignoring or struggling to put an effective and affordable plan into place.

With the growing and shifting threat landscape organizations currently face; the mass of new, complex regulatory requirements; and the inflated costs of compliance (in time, money, and reputation), it is more important than ever organizations evaluate and realize the massive benefits offered in putting an effective continuous monitoring program into place.

 During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What is CCM?
  • What does true CCM look like?
  • How the benefits outweigh the risk of not practicing CCM?
  • What are the challenges of CCM?
  • What are the solutions to these challenges?
  • How does automation come into play?
  • How can I begin the path to CCM?

Joseph Lodato, Chief Compliance Officer,
Gianna Price, Xacta Solutions Architect, Telos