This webcast aired on December 10, 2019. 
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Today, it’s imperative for companies to manage third-party risk as part of a comprehensive compliance program to protect their brand and avoid exposure to bribery and corruption. Compliance, Legal and Procurement Professionals are increasingly implementing processes and systems to assess risk and focus on the greatest threats among vendors and third-parties. With business pressure to move quickly and efficiently, the onboarding process is a key area of opportunity when it comes to achieving or losing competitive advantage. Although critical for an effective program, verifying third-parties, determining risk, and creating visibility for your stakeholders are often manual processes that may not make the best use of your knowledge workers.

Join Dun & Bradstreet’s Amy Hayenhjelm, VP - Global Compliance Products and Neil Isherwood, Due Diligence SME for practical recommendations to address the pain points and make way for faster, more efficient onboarding and success in managing third-party compliance. Amy and Neil will discuss:

  • Ways to segment your portfolio by Risk to allow you to easily onboard and manage less risky customers and third-parties
  • Analyzing potentially higher risk third-parties working in risky industries and/or countries or those that have shown signs of non-compliant behavior in the past
  • Identifying business entities, the people connected to the entities and verifying that the data supplied on those entities provides a holistic picture
  • Leveraging automation to assist with collecting the data you need to more efficiently manage your compliance program

Amy Hayenhjelm, VP - Global Compliance Products - Dun & Bradstreet
Neil Isherwood, Due Diligence SME - Dun & Bradstreet