This webcast aired on March 3, 2022.
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You’ve built your heat maps. You’ve constructed your risk and control matrices. You finally got the attention of management on those critical areas of risk. But somehow your message is still falling short. So, what’s next?

Take your risk management strategy to the next level with this thought-provoking discussion on how risk quantification can step up the game for your GRC program. Risk quantification isn’t about just crunching numbers—it enables you to tell a more accurate story with increasing levels of precision to have truly impactful conversations with your business on performance and risk.

Join us to discuss how quantifying risk can change the conversation with your management team and business partners. We will discuss the increasing need for accuracy in risk management, the relationship with measuring risk and business performance, and how you can apply simple techniques to immediately improve how you depict risk in your organization.

You will learn:

  • How risk management can influence your company’s performance
  • How risk quantification can help mature your approach to GRC
  • How applying a straightforward method can immediately improve your risk heatmaps

David Vose, Vice President, Risk Management, Archer
French Caldwell, Chief Strategy Officer, Archer**