This webcast aired on January 23, 2020.
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Are you keeping up with your organization’s evolving risk landscape, or are those risks keeping you up at night?

Fraud and restatements are happening every day, and it’s important to recognize that your company is consistently exposed to risk. Change is constant, and the stakes are high.

Leveraging technology enables your organization to reduce its overall risk profile and strengthen the control environment by automating repetitive tasks, limiting or eliminating data entry errors, and adding workflow visibility.

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize risk as a factor that consistently impacts all organizations, whether they are experiencing rapid growth, becoming more complex, resisting change, or continuously improving
  • Identify common practices and processes that can expose organizations to fraud
  • Review opportunities to leverage technology to reduce risk, challenge current processes, and better utilize and engage your accounting and finance team

Michael Shultz, Director of Finance Transformation - BlackLine