This webcast aired on January 24, 2023.
**No CPE credit will be offered.

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Most often, the benefits to an organization in taking a strategic and comprehensive approach to risk management are evident across different types of metrics, including fewer compliance violations, less disruptions, and more effective responses to operational events. This integrated risk management (IRM) approach connects different domains of risk management and requires processes across different operational groups, creating a complex tapestry of activity.

But can you put a number to the value and overall impact of these IRM efforts?

While bow tie analysis is often used to analyze individual risk events, it can also be applied at the macro level. Providing an illustrative example of this approach, Archer Insight was used to create multiple bow tie analyses of IRM elements and determine a measurable impact.

Join Archer for this webinar to learn:

  • The financial impact of your organization’s IRM program
  • How bow tie analysis can be applied to analyze and measure IRM elements
  • Interesting angles to evaluate your risk management strategies

Steve Schlarman, Integrated Risk Management Strategist – Archer