Socialware, a provider of archiving and policy enforcement software, has announced a partnership with LinkedIn that will enable financial services firms and professionals to access the extensive networking, marketing and research capabilities available on social media site, LinkedIn, while remaining in compliance with federal and state regulations around electronic communication.

With Socialware's technology, firms participating on LinkedIn can now efficiently navigate the record-keeping, suitability and supervision challenges associated with social media in the industry. Financial services firms are still wary of social networking due to compliance challenges. "With Socialware's comprehensive approach, these firms can unlock the business value of social networking for employees, without the risk of violating policy," explained Chad Bockius, CEO of Socialware.

The Socialware hybrid compliance approach makes complete social access anywhere and anytime possible and captures all interactions with just-in-time archiving, avoiding the pitfalls of missing data and limited social network access found in a pure application programming interface solution.