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Compliance and HR CW2023


‘Elephant in the room’: Combating tension between compliance and HR


Regulators are collaborating—both domestically and internationally—more than ever before. And they expect companies to be doing the same, noted panelists during a session on collaboration between compliance and human resources at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.



Supreme Court once again strikes blow to DOJ’s fraud theories


A pair of unanimous Supreme Court decisions handed down earlier this month are the latest in a string of cases in which it has expressed concerns about government overreach regarding anti-corruption enforcement and wire fraud statutes.

Meta building


Record Meta fine brings wider GDPR ramifications for EU-U.S. data transfers


Meta’s latest punishment for breaching the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation will have far-reaching ramifications for companies both in Europe and beyond.

2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards

Bill Burtis EIC 2023


Great connector Bill Burtis celebrated by colleagues as CCO of the Year


Bill Burtis, affable chief compliance officer of networking and cybersecurity solutions company Juniper Networks, was named CCO of the Year at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Amex GBT EIC 2023


Amex GBT navigates tricky 2022 to win Compliance Program of the Year


Going public, sanctions, a key merger. For its navigating a series of competing compliance challenges while maintaining trust with clients and travelers, American Express Global Business Travel was honored as Compliance Program of the Year at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Flex Case Study

Flex Case Study Cover 3x2


Case study: How Flex helps drive sustainability beyond its walls

2023-05-08T16:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Compliance Week’s Flex case study offers insight into how the global manufacturer is taking control of its sustainability reporting and environmental footprint. The four-part report is available exclusively to CW members.

CW Surveys

morgan lewis300x200

Survey: Anti-bribery and corruption benchmarking

Provided by Morgan Lewis

The Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking report strives to give compliance practitioners insights into bribery and corruption challenges facing them in today’s corporate world.


Strengthening your supply chain defenses: A cybersecurity survey

Provided by Avetta

By participating in this survey, you’ll help us gain insight into the current state of supply chain cybersecurity and identify best practices for protecting your organization from cyber threats.

Partner Content

onetrust 2022 300x200

Foster a Culture of Ethical Behavior

Provided by

Strengthen your ability to monitor, create, and maintain a culture of trust where your team can thrive.

Data and Research

  • Survey: Compliance tech priorities focused on TPRM in 2023

  • Case study: How Flex helps drive sustainability beyond its walls

  • Survey: Tech key to compliance in changing data privacy landscape

  • Survey: Cybersecurity, regulatory risks lead TPRM priorities in 2023

  • CW case study offers 360-degree view of ransomware attack

  • Survey: Measuring the impact of code of conduct training

  • Inside the Mind of the CCO, Year 4

  • Survey: How businesses are confronting governmental licenses in M&As

More from Compliance Week

ask cco 3x2 may 20236


Ask a CCO: Importance of data analytics, AI over next 5 years

2023-05-26T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners forecast the impact advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence will have in their future compliance efforts.



Five years in, GDPR still a lightning rod for criticism


The General Data Protection Regulation risks losing credibility if enforcement is not harmonized and privacy by design is not at the heart of tech innovation, said EU officials during a summit marking the fifth anniversary of the legislation.

ask cco 3x2 may 20235


Ask a CCO: Pressing pain point in working with data for compliance

2023-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners disclose hurdles their respective departments have faced in utilizing data for compliance purposes.

ask cco 3x2 may 20234


Ask a CCO: Biggest priority for upgrading compliance tech

2023-05-24T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners share their biggest priority areas for making technological upgrades to their respective compliance programs during 2023.

Mary Inman CW2023


Whistleblower attorney: Companies that don’t welcome complaints may pay price


Businesses found ignoring tips from employees about possible internal wrongdoing could face stiffer penalties, warned Mary Inman, partner at law firm Constantine Cannon, at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.



Expert: It’s time to embrace artificial intelligence

2023-05-23T17:10:00+01:00By Judith Hawkins, International Compliance Association

The rapid rate at which technology is developing is staggering, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence. Can we, as compliance practitioners, keep up?

ask cco 3x2 may 20233


Ask a CCO: Where has tech made biggest difference in TPRM efforts?

2023-05-23T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners explain the impact technological advances have had in streamlining third-party risk management efforts.

DXC Technology

News Brief

DXC Technology self-reports possible Russian sanctions violations


DXC Technology Company disclosed it might have violated U.S. sanctions and export controls against Russia in its sale of a Russian subsidiary.

Treasury Department

News Brief

U.S. reinvigorates anti-Russia push with new sanctions, guidance


The United States once again ratcheted up sanctions against Russia in an attempt to further choke off the funds and military supplies the country is using in its war against Ukraine.

Facebook Ireland

News Brief

Meta fined record $1.3B in GDPR data transfer ruling


The Irish Data Protection Commission announced a record penalty of €1.2 billion (U.S. $1.3 billion) against Meta regarding its transfers of user data from the European Union to the United States in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

ask cco 3x2 may 20232


Ask a CCO: Compliance team role in TPRM

2023-05-22T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners describe how their team contributes to third-party risk management at their respective companies.


News Brief

OpenAI CEO to Senate: AI could harm world without regs


It is a good idea to regulate artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT, the chief executive officer of the popular chatbot’s developer told lawmakers.

Gregory Becker SVB hearing


Four takeaways from Senate hearings on SVB, Signature Bank failures


Leaders at Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and the regulators who seized their banks testified before Congress across separate hearings.


News Brief

FTC warns businesses to risk assess uses of biometric technologies


Businesses that make false or unsubstantiated claims regarding facial recognition and other biometric technologies could face enforcement from the Federal Trade Commission, the agency warned in a policy statement.


News Brief

Murad to pay $3.3M for ‘egregious’ Iran sanctions lapses


California-based cosmetics company Murad, a subsidiary of Unilever, agreed to pay $3.3 million as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing apparent Iran sanctions violations over an eight-year period.

Chess piece


Survey: Compliance tech priorities focused on TPRM in 2023


Respondents to a survey conducted by Compliance Week and FTI Consulting largely indicated third parties to be the most heightened area of risk to their businesses this year, with reporting and dashboarding and enhancing analytics capabilities among top priorities.


News Brief

Deutsche Bank to pay $75M to settle Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking suit


Deutsche Bank agreed to pay $75 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by sexual assault victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

Ted Siedle CW2023


JPMorgan whistleblower candidly shares experiences at CW2023


If compliance officers are good at their jobs, they can expect to eventually catch their employers breaking the law, whistleblower Edward Siedle told attendees during a fireside chat at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

DOJ building

News Brief

Precision Lens, owner ordered to pay $487M in false claims judgment


A judge affirmed more than $487 million in penalties and damages against Precision Lens and its owner after a jury found they filed tens of thousands of false claims to Medicare and violated the Anti-Kickback Statute.

Wells Fargo bank

News Brief

Wells Fargo to pay $1B to settle suit over consent order noncompliance


Wells Fargo agreed to pay $1 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders who claimed the bank overstated its progress in complying with regulatory orders related to its 2016 fake accounts scandal.


News Brief

SEC proposal seeks risk stability for clearing agencies


The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed a package of rule changes designed to enhance the risk management responsibilities and resilience of covered clearing agencies.



Photo gallery: Compliance Week National 2023

2023-05-17T21:10:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Nearly 500 attendees gathered at the JW Marriott in Washington, D.C. for Compliance Week’s 18th annual National Conference from May 15-17. Check out some of the sights from the event in our photo gallery.

Lauren Kootman CW2023


DOJ official: Compliance team access, visibility into data a sign of effectiveness


One of the ways the Department of Justice will assess a firm’s compliance program is by judging how accessible and visible a company’s data is to its compliance function, an agency official told attendees at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

CW2023 Leadership Panel


CW2023 leadership panel assesses new DOJ priorities, training impact


Recent policy changes at the Department of Justice provided plenty of fodder for a leadership panel of senior legal and compliance practitioners to discuss during Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Apple store

News Brief

Ex-Apple engineer charged with theft of trade secrets in DOJ sweep


A new strike force co-led by the Department of Justice and Commerce Department made an impact when charges against a former Apple engineer for theft and attempted theft of trade secrets were included as part of its first enforcement actions.

Glenn Leon


Glenn Leon at CW2023: CCO experience driving DOJ’s compliance program evaluations


Glenn Leon, head of the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section, said “compliance is a very big area of focus” for the agency, during a fireside chat at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Jim Campbell CW2023


CW2023: Lessons still to be learned from Bernie Madoff scandal, author says


The Bernie Madoff scandal came to light 15 years ago, but lessons from the notorious Ponzi scheme are as fresh as ever, author Jim Campbell said during his fireside chat at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Tech Think Tank


Tech think tank participants tackle TPRM, MDM, off-channel comms at CW2023


With new technology tools come risks that can’t be denied, a think tank comprised of senior compliance professionals discussed at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Think Tank


CW2023 think tank: Compliance officers grapple with post-pandemic world


Senior-level compliance professionals granted anonymity met to candidly discuss the compliance officer’s role in a post-pandemic environment during a Day 1 think tank at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Sahar Yousef CW2023


It’s not you, it’s your brain: CW2023 kicks off with neuroscience reality check


Neuroscientists Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller kicked off Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference with a keynote reminding attendees we’re all human and there are habits we think set us up for success that actually work against us.

HSBC building

News Brief

HSBC to pay $45M to settle CFTC spoofing, recordkeeping violations


HSBC was fined $45 million by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission over allegations its traders used manipulative and deceptive trading practices. The bank and its subsidiaries were separately fined $30 million by the CFTC for business use of off-channel communications by employees.

DOJ wall

News Brief

GCI to pay $40.2M to settle False Claims Act case


Alaska-based telecommunications provider GCI Communications Corp. agreed to pay more than $40.2 million as part of a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice for alleged violations of the False Claims Act.


News Brief

​SEC risk alert highlights transition efforts from LIBOR


The Division of Examinations at the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a risk alert to aid registered investment advisers and investment companies in their transition efforts away from the London Interbank Offered Rate.

Silicon Valley Bank2

News Brief

FDIC proposes large banks cover $15.8B in losses from SVB, Signature Bank failures


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation issued a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding a special assessment on large banks to recover approximately $15.8 billion in losses attributable to the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

ESG vector


ESG reporting an opportunity to showcase compliance quality

2023-05-12T14:43:00+01:00By Hassan Chaudry, CW guest columnist

Hassan Chaudry, director of compliance at Canada-based asset management firm Starlight Investments, shares his take on how companies can derive value from their compliance efforts regarding environmental, social, and governance and anti-bribery and corruption.


News Brief

Philips to pay $62M to settle alleged FCPA violations in China


Dutch conglomerate Royal Philips will pay more than $62 million to settle allegations it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when its subsidiaries engaged in improper conduct to win contracts in China.

Austrian Post


Experts: Austrian Post GDPR ruling offers clarity on damages compensation


A decision by Europe’s Supreme Court regarding Austria’s main postal service might make it easier for the bloc’s citizens to bring legal claims for privacy breaches—with potentially unlimited scope for damages.

Clearview AI

News Brief

French DPA fines Clearview AI $5.7M for noncompliance with previous order


France’s data protection authority last month fined facial recognition company Clearview AI €5.2 million (then-U.S. $5.7 million) for failing to comply with an October order to cease and desist from further violations of the General Data Protection Regulation.


News Brief

HSBC, Scotiabank latest caught in regs’ off-channel comms sting


The Bank of Nova Scotia and HSBC were fined $22.5 million and $15 million, respectively, by U.S. regulators for admitted recordkeeping failures regarding employee use of off-channel communications to conduct company business.


News Brief

Ex-Coinbase manager gets two years in prison in crypto insider trading case


Former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi was sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in a crypto insider trading scheme.

Inflation concept


Inflation: A breeding ground for financial crime

2023-05-10T18:57:00+01:00By Rezaul Karim, for International Compliance Association

Inflation has ripple effects on individuals and businesses, posing a wide variety of threats to the economy. It not only affects a country’s financial stability but also results in increased financial crime rates.

Wall Street

News Brief

NYDFS proposes enhanced character reviews for bank officers, including CCOs


Banks operating in New York would have to step up their vetting of executives and senior officers, including chief compliance officers, under new guidance proposed by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

China scrutiny

News Brief

PCAOB finds ‘unacceptable’ deficiency rates in first China/Hong Kong inspections


The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board found seven of eight audit engagements it reviewed in China and Hong Kong contained “unacceptable rates” of deficiencies.

Goldman Sachs Tower

News Brief

Goldman Sachs to pay $215M to settle gender pay, discrimination case


Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $215 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the bank of pay and advancement discrimination against female vice presidents and associates.


News Brief

FRC probing Deloitte work at retailer Joules Group


The U.K. Financial Reporting Council launched an investigation into the work of Big Four audit firm Deloitte at collapsed clothing retailer Joules Group.


News Brief

Croatian DPA levies largest GDPR fine


The Croatian data protection authority handed down its largest penalty under the General Data Protection Regulation to date: a fine of nearly €2.3 million (U.S. $2.5 million) against debt collector B2 Kapital.

Cryptocurrency wallet

News Brief

New York vies to lead way on cryptocurrency regulation


New York would be the first state in the nation to comprehensively regulate cryptocurrency under a sweeping bill introduced by Attorney General Letitia James.


News Brief

SEC charges investment adviser in landmark Liquidity Rule case


The Securities and Exchange Commission charged New York-based Pinnacle Advisors and several mutual fund trustees with aiding and abetting violations of its Liquidity Rule—the agency’s first enforcement action related to the policy.

Sudan money

News Brief

U.S. set to expand sanctions in Sudan


The United States is preparing to issue sanctions on individuals and entities it considers responsible for perpetrating civil unrest in Sudan.


News Brief

Canada approves supply chain law for large companies


Large Canadian businesses must meet new supply chain rules starting in January that are designed to prevent products tainted by forced and child labor from entering the country.

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