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Cybersecurity: Counsel as Quarterback for Data Breach Incident Response

Bruce Carton | June 3, 2014

Last week, I moderated a very interesting webcast that hit on a host of cybersecurity issues, and discussed the fact that when your company is the victim of a data breach, there is no "911" for you to call to get help. Rather, the panelists explained, the company itself has to lead the response with the very first call going to in-house or outside counsel.

The panel (John Reed Stark, Managing Director, Stroz Friedberg; and Nicholas A. Oldham, Partner, Fisch Hoffman Sigler LLP) discussed suggested guidelines and protocols to successfully respond to a data breach after its detection — from the first moment of discovery and investigation through notification of law enforcement, customers, regulators and the slew of interested constituencies, to the last effort of remediation. 

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