The chief risk officer of ABN AMRO shared her view on the Dutch bank’s biggest risk focus areas and the accomplishments of her tenure a month ahead of her planned departure.

Tanja Cuppen said in a Q&A with the bank that accompanied the publishing of its integrated annual report for 2023 on Wednesday that climate risk and cybercrime will remain priorities for the bank. She noted ABN AMRO will be “keeping a close eye” on climate transition risks as regulations require its clients to reduce their environmental footprint.

“The increased frequency and intensity of severe weather conditions, as we witnessed in Europe last year, can imply serious physical risks for our clients, such as flooding or impact of heat and drought,” she said. “If our clients are impacted, we will be impacted. We use stress testing to assess the potential impact of severe events.”

As for cybercrime, Cuppen acknowledged growing risks from geopolitical tensions and increasing dependence on digital tools.

“We therefore continue to invest in our own cybersecurity, monitor threats, and educate employees and clients on how they can protect themselves against such things as phishing and malware,” she said.

In August, ABN AMRO announced Cuppen informed the board she would not be available for a third term as chief risk officer. Her current term is set to end at the bank’s annual general meeting in April; she will be succeeded on an interim basis by Caroline Oosterloo, head of central risk management.

Cuppen joined ABN AMRO in October 2017 and was reappointed chief risk officer in April 2021.

Reflecting on her time with the bank, Cuppen said she was particularly proud of how it stepped up its diversity and inclusion initiatives, including through mentoring programs and encouragement of varying viewpoints.

“ABN AMRO has made an impressive transformation,” she said. “[W]e have better view on our risk profile, and we are continuously getting better at incorporating sustainability data into our risk management—all of which are crucial for the bank’s future.”