Interested in writing for Compliance Week?

Compliance Week accepts outside contributions from corporate chief compliance officers and other senior-level GRC practitioners. Submissions can be emailed to

Compliance Week does not seek outside contributions. Exceptions may be made on occasion, including for promotional articles tied to a CW event, content from a sister company (i.e., ICA), articles solicited from practitioners with a specific skill set, and interesting perspectives shared in a column.

If CW does solicit a story from an outside contributor, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • The story must not be more than 1,000 words (unless instructed otherwise by CW’s editorial team).
  • The story must be and remain exclusive to CW.
  • The story must not include any blatant promotional content for a company or individual.
  • The story must be focused. References to recent events in order to provide context are encouraged. An article featuring a list of action steps or takeaways without a proper narrative woven between will not be accepted.
  • The CW editorial team will be empowered to edit the story to fit CW style. CW will run any edits by the writer to ensure both sides are on the same page. Once the story is published, the writer will have 24 hours to send along any last-minute tweaks they may want to make.
  • The CW editorial team will determine when to run the story.

CW’s primary audience is corporate compliance officers, risk practitioners, and audit executives. Stories should be written with these individuals in mind but should not delve too deep into technicals so as to drag the narrative down.

Two-thirds of CW readership is based in the United States.

All outside contributions to CW must be approved by the CW Editorial Team, who will work with contributors should they have any questions.

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