Compliance Week’s electronic and print products reach more than 80,000 compliance, financial, legal, risk, and audit executives at public companies. And since our circulation is 100 percent paid, it means our members are committed to our content and dedicated to our brand. But don’t take our word for it—read the dozens of testimonials we’ve received from corporate compliance and risk officers at Ford, Archer Daniels Midland, Unum, Tyco, Fannie Mae, and others.

In addition, our annual conferences, workshops, and webcasts are among the most well-respected and well-attended events in the GRC industry. Attended by senior executives from hundreds of public companies, Compliance Week’s interactive and in-person forums offer marketers unique opportunities to get their senior partners and thought leadership in front of key decision makers.

Our team



Doug Juenemann

Director of Sponsorship Sales



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Ad Production Associate


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What we offer


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Overall creative specs

  1. Creatives sent via third-party tags must open in a new browser window. Prior to submissions, creatives should be tested for stability across all browser platforms.

  2. All creative third-party tags must be in the format of javascript, NOT iframes.

  3. All creatives are subject to final approval by Wilmington Compliance Week Inc.

  4. Wilmington Compliance Week Inc. requires that all creatives be submitted three (3) business days to allow testing and approval prior to launch date.

  5. Please ensure that all the above specifications are met. Creative assets that do not meet all of our specifications will be rejected, potentially affecting the launch date of the campaign.

  6. If you have any further questions regarding campaign tracking for this placement, please contact your Compliance Week representative.

Third-party ad tags

  1. All creatives sent via third-party tags have no file size limits; however, all files over 100K should use polite download functionality.

  2. Up to 100K in polite download is allowed. Polite download is the portion of the ad that loads once page content loads. Up to two additional loads of up to 50K each may be initiated after a user hovers his or her cursor over or clicks on the ad.

  3. All third-party tags should be submitted with clear instructions regarding the implementation of click-tracking redirects and cache-busting information. Ad production cannot guarantee that click-through data will be tracked for all of the rich media technologies that are third-party served.

NEW: CW site takeover (1/2/3 day options available)

Give your brand the highest level of visibility and dominance and own every ad unit served across a one-, two-, or three-day span in a given week on Also included is sponsorship of the CW editorial newsletter to over 40,000 recipients (pending availability). Use this extraordinary exposure to make an announcement, launch a new partnership or product, or to simply elevate name recognition and brand awareness.

Included ad units:

  • An interstitial ad unit served once per person per day
  • Five standard ad units
  • Partner content post

There are three ad units in the editorial newsletter. Site takeovers must be scheduled four weeks in advance.


magazine pile 2019

Compliance Week print edition is quarterly and reaches a 100 percent paid audience. From member studies, we know the majority of our audience spends more time with the print edition than they do online—so for pure branding, this is the best option.

Compliance Week offers unique, cost-effective opportunities for advertisers to place their thought leadership, white papers, client alerts, and regulatory commentary into the hands of information-hungry members.

Ad Sizes (not including bleed) Width  Height
Full Page 8.375” 10.8125”


  • Bleed ads should extend 1/8” beyond trim size (shown above) in all directions. Live matter should be kept 1/4” from trim edges. No bleeds are available on either half-page page ad.

Crop marks 

  • Crop marks should be placed 1/4” outside the trim marks.

Color/line screen 

  • Compliance Week is produced entirely in four-color CMYK process. All spot colors should be converted to CMYK. Line screen is 200.

File format 

  • Ads should be sent in PDF format using PDF/X-1a:2001 Acrobat distiller settings.

Press & binding

  • Web offset press. Perfect binding.

Editorial newsletter takeover

New! Five days per week

  • 20,000 list size, comprised of:
    • CW subscribers
    • Practitioners at F1K companies

Exclusive sponsorship includes:

  • Banner ad: 640x96 pixel
  • Partner content post
    • A bolded headline
    • Three lines of text
    • Optional logo graphic (graphic should be sized to ratio 1: and 3:2)
    • Position ideally suited for promoting sponsor’s thought leadership content hosted on the Compliance Week website.


  • Files accepted: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • Max file size: 40K
  • Third-party tags are NOT accepted
  • URL link, click tracking accepted


Compliance Week has recently started offering an intersitial website advertisment placement. This is a rich, interactive advertisement that, over the course of a week, receives more than 10,000 views. No tags are allowed. 

Benefits include:

  • Exclusive, full coverage website placement
  • Increased click-through rates when compared to other advertisement options
  • Highly desired lead source


Title 20 characters
Description 200 characters
CTA 20 characters
Colors (HEX) Background, Header text, Body text, Button, Button text
File Type JPEG/PNG
Image Not recommended. Only accept 250x300.
URL Link HTML not accepted, but tracked links are accepted. No tags allowed.
Deadline Three business days before live date

Lead generation package

  • Email to 65,000 compliance executives (cross industry, 20 percent financial services)
  • Email to 15,000 financial services executives (not duplicated in the email to 65k list)
  • Rotating carousel unit on linking to white paper or webcast, 10k impressions over a month
  • Text links on Compliance Week email newsletters, 25,000 total impressions
  • Social media posts: Two tweets to 25,000

Video interviews

Online video consumption is exploding. Compliance Week has the tools to help you produce and distribute high-impact video content. 

Leveraging your conference sponsorship, an executive from your organization will be interviewed on-site by a Compliance Week editor. 

Our experienced team will consult with you to help transform your thought leadership message into an engaging video that will inform, entertain, and create moments of insight and potential conversion with your target audience.

Video promotional campaign

Each video is posted in the Compliance Week video section and includes the following 60-day promotional campaign:

  • Thought leadership video email to 65,000 compliance executives (cross industry, 20 percent financial services)
  • Partner content post on CW website linking to video, 20k impressions over two months
  • Social media posts: One post to 13,000 LinkedIn group followers, two tweets to 25,000
  • Text links on Compliance Week email newsletters, 25,000 total impressions
  • Video player can be linked and tracked with any outside website
  • Video media file to be provided at no additional fee
  • Video will be hosted on the CW website for 60 days

NOTE: Native in feed text ads and native sponsored messages are based on title and description of video.


E-Books are approximately 20 pages in length with 8 to 10 pages of editorial. The book is published online and promoted by a thought leadership email to 50,000 contacts. It will also appear on the Compliance Week website for three weeks. All online promotion is designed to capture registration information. Sponsors of the e-Book receive a two-page white paper, logo on all promotional materials, and a company description. All leads from online promotion are shared with the sponsor.


  • Full-page advertisement (PDF sized to 8.375” x 10.8125”)
  • White paper: Formatted by sponsor. Please send PDF copy of the white paper sized to 8.375” x 10.8125.” There is an additional cost to have CW format a white paper.
  • Company logo: High resolution on a transparent background
  • Company description: 200-300 words
  • Compliance Week to provide sponsor with a draft of the e-Book to approve before it’s sent to CW audience

Production Specs

Ad Size Width Height
Full Page 8.375” 10.8125”


One exclusive sponsor has time for a 60-minute presentation that includes live Q&A with the audience and PowerPoint presentation. The event is moderated by a member of the Compliance Week editorial team, who introduces speakers and asks the audience questions during the last few minutes of the event. The webcast is promoted in CW weekly webcast emails and on the Compliance Week website. CPE credit is available to attendees.


Compliance Week 2022 National Conference (LIVE)

May 16-18, 2022 | Held at the JW Marriott, Washington, D.C.

The annual gathering has been recognized as the premier peer-to-peer compliance event to spotlight compliance leaders and their programs and is designed to help senior compliance executives build and manage their compliance and risk programs more effectively. Attending the event will be 400-500 corporate compliance, legal, audit, and risk executives. They will share best practices to mitigate and build value within their company. Our sessions are highly interactive, with Q&As, breakout panels, and practitioner-only workshops. It is the event for corporate compliance, legal, audit, and risk officers at global public companies. Presenting sponsorship costs $50,000 and includes a panel speaking position, leadership of a roundtable conversation, logo and branding, access to the registration list, etc. The event website:


Compliance Week 2022 Summit on Third-Party Risk Management (LIVE)

June 13-14, 2022 | Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park

The eighth iteration of this popular event will explore such issues as how to design and implement a third-party risk management program; how much you should expect to spend on safeguarding third-party practices; and how to evaluate vendors and assess risk levels while avoiding common pitfalls in areas like bribery, misrepresentations in financials, etc. Attending the event will be 150-175 corporate compliance, legal, audit, and risk executives from U.S.-based public companies. Presenting sponsorship costs $15,000 and includes a panel speaking role, access to the full registration list, logo and branding, etc. The event website is


Compliance Week 2022 Virtual Summit on ESG (VIRTUAL)

September 2022 | Hosted on the ON24 virtual platform

The event will focus on the compliance/legal implications of new reporting standards; how to create or choose benchmarking protocols; strategies to avoid claims of “greenwashing;” how to effectively screen for valid climate and social (such as diversity) commitments; and the technology options that could assist compliance, risk, and legal personnel. We expect a registration list of 600-plus corporate compliance, financial, legal, audit, and risk executives from U.S.-based public companies. Presenting sponsorship costs $17,500 and includes a panel speaking role, access to the full registration list, logo and branding, etc. The prior year event website is; the 2022 event website and sponsorship prospectus are in design.


Compliance Week Europe 2022 (LIVE)

October 25-26, 2022 | Edinburgh, Scotland

The event has one mission: To help compliance, legal, audit, and risk executives understand how they can build and manage their ethics and compliance programmes more effectively. The sessions include keynote speeches from government regulators, panel discussions with fellow corporate compliance officers, and small workshops where attendees can discuss issues in an intimate boardroom-style setting. Attending the event will be 800-plus corporate compliance, legal, financial, audit, and risk executives from EU-based public companies or from global companies with significant operations in the European Union. Presenting sponsorship costs $17,750 and includes a panel speaking role, access to the full registration list, logo and branding, etc. The prior year event website is; the 2022 event website and sponsorship prospectus are in design.