CW2019 annual conference video

Below you will find video from 30 of the informative keynote and panel sessions from the 14th annual Compliance Week annual conference, which took place in May 2019 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. Below the six featured keynote videos in the player directly below, subscribers can watch an additional 24 sessions, organized into one of six topics. Enjoy! (Oh, and don't forget to register early for the 2020 annual conference!)

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SEC continues whistleblower award surge with $2M payout


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the award of $2 million to a whistleblower—its fifth payout in the last 12 days. For the year, the SEC has already matched its 2019 total of eight awards.


Lessons from Zoom: Coronavirus exposes videoconference risks


Stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic have led to explosions of use for popular videoconferencing platforms, some of which have struggled to adjust to new privacy concerns.


Ask Amii coronavirus mailbag: How prepared can you be for the unknown?


In this special edition of the Ask Amii Mailbag, executive coach and former Chief Compliance Officer Amii Barnard-Bahn answers questions on tackling the unchartered territory of the coronavirus pandemic.


SEC won’t delay Reg BI amid pandemic


The Securities and Exchange Commission has no plans to delay its controversial Regulation Best Interest rule despite the impact the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had on U.S. markets.


FASB to address coronavirus impact at April meeting


The Financial Accounting Standards Board announced its intent to meet April 8 and address standard-setting issues related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Survey: Lessons from those who weren’t ready for coronavirus


Survey respondents who said their companies weren’t prepared for the coronavirus pandemic said they failed to recognize that the pandemic would morph from a far-away, supply chain disruption issue into a complete business shutdown at home.

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Coronavirus: The EPA’s greatest excuse, companies’ greatest test of ethics


As the Environmental Protection Agency abdicates its oversight responsibilities, pointing to the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time for true leaders to lead.

Business chaos

Survey: With ethical dilemmas aplenty, compliance in position to lead


The coronavirus has turned everyday no-brainers into ethical quandaries, which makes it all the more critical for ethics to play the role of conscience for the business.