Effective policy management is more than writing and publishing. Without the proper processes in place to enforce, track, and audit an organization's policies, companies are prone to severe penalties by failing to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Most companies have a system in place to establish policies, and communicate them via email, intranet, or memo board. However, arguably the most important element of policy management, occurs after a policy is deployed.

Testing understanding, affirming acceptance, and auditing policy penetration safeguards an organization whether a policy is meant to reflect external regulations or to positively reinforce internal processes.

Mitratech's guide will help you understand the five basic stages of policy management that support a successful policy life cycle management program:

Establishing policy requirements

Drafting policy

Policy deployment

Testing understanding & affirming acceptance

Auditing policy penetration

Download Mitratech’s guide, The Five Critical Stages of Policy Management, to find out how PolicyHub can help you mitigate risk by ensuring that your policies are effectively deployed and managed.