Fallout from ‘debanking’ scandal suggests more U.K. bank reforms coming


The former CEO of NatWest’s decision to leak client details to the press regarding Nigel Farage is likely to cost the financial industry millions in new compliance checks as U.K. regulators prepare reviews into how banks treat people with extreme political views.

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Whistleblower goes above, beyond in Construction Specialties OFAC case


The impact of “see something, say something” was on display as part of Construction Specialties’ settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control for apparent Iran sanctions violations.


Keep ‘your’ in mind while reading ‘Living Your Best Compliance Life’


Author Mary Shirley establishes her ethics and compliance advice book as relatable for all practitioners, junior or senior level. The result is an enjoyable read that offers something for everyone from any E&C background.


​SEC’s latest whistleblower award worth note beyond $104M payout


The SEC announced a $104 million award split among seven whistleblowers, but the fact nearly a dozen claimants contacted the agency seeking to provide information related to one action should be notable to companies regarding the stakes of the current whistleblower landscape.

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Women in Compliance Summit proves value of congregating, allyship


Compliance Week’s inaugural Women in Compliance Summit featured two days dedicated to elevating attendees and addressing some of the unique challenges women face in the profession.


‘Bully Market’ depicts Goldman Sachs lacking in culture vigilance


Jamie Fiore Higgins’s experiences at Goldman Sachs as chronicled in her memoir “Bully Market” prove a timely read following the investment bank’s $215 million class-action settlement over gender discrimination.


‘Bully Market’ depicts Goldman Sachs lacking in culture vigilance


Jamie Fiore Higgins’s experiences at Goldman Sachs as chronicled in her memoir “Bully Market” prove a timely read following the investment bank’s $215 million class-action settlement over gender discrimination.

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Ask a CCO: Importance of data analytics, AI over next 5 years

2023-05-26T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners forecast the impact advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence will have in their future compliance efforts.

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Ask a CCO: Pressing pain point in working with data for compliance

2023-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners disclose hurdles their respective departments have faced in utilizing data for compliance purposes.

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Ask a CCO: Biggest priority for upgrading compliance tech

2023-05-24T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners share their biggest priority areas for making technological upgrades to their respective compliance programs during 2023.

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Ask a CCO: Where has tech made biggest difference in TPRM efforts?

2023-05-23T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners explain the impact technological advances have had in streamlining third-party risk management efforts.

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Highlights from Compliance Week 2023


Significant changes in policy and technology, in addition to fresh perspectives on tried-and-true compliance topics, highlighted the discussion at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

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Ask a CCO: Compliance team role in TPRM

2023-05-22T13:00:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Six senior compliance practitioners describe how their team contributes to third-party risk management at their respective companies.


Record Seagate enforcement a reminder it doesn’t matter if you think you’re right


Not knowing with certainty whether the business you’re conducting meets all relevant regulatory standards is a recipe for trouble, as Seagate learned in paying $300 million for its restricted dealings with Chinese telecom Huawei.


BBC-Gary Lineker controversy a lesson in employee social media supervision


The BBC’s widely criticized suspension of soccer commentator Gary Lineker for remarks he made on Twitter should prompt employers to reconsider whether they have the right to discipline employees or contractors for what they do outside of the work environment.


Alleged fraudster cited privacy in duping JPMorgan into $175M merger


Charlie Javice and her startup Frank allegedly convinced the country’s largest bank to pay $175 million for what largely amounted to a list of fake college students. The apparent due diligence failures by JPMorgan Chase offer a cautionary tale to compliance professionals.


Messaging history damning in CFTC case against ex-Binance CCO


A cryptocurrency firm with a chief compliance officer found to not be handling the responsibilities of their role seriously is likely to face additional regulatory scrutiny, as evidenced by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s action against Binance.


Silicon Valley Bank risk chief gap glaring post-collapse


For eight months last year, Silicon Valley Bank went without an established chief risk officer. The ramifications of that decision are hard to ignore in the wake of the bank’s hasteful failure.


Ten things I’m excited for at CW National 2023


Ten weeks before Compliance Week National 2023 kicks off May 15 at the JW Marriott in Washington, D.C, CW Editor in Chief Kyle Brasseur shares what he’s looking forward to most at the annual event.

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Ask a CCO: What matters most in federal privacy law?

2023-03-03T14:00:00+00:00By Compliance Week

Four senior compliance practitioners provide their opinions on what a federal privacy law in the United States should strive to accomplish.

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Ask a CCO: Most difficult element of data privacy compliance

2023-03-02T14:00:00+00:00By Compliance Week

Four senior compliance practitioners offer their take on the elements of data privacy compliance businesses can expect to be most difficult to confront.


Legacy of CCPA: A blueprint for prioritizing compliance


Three years in, the promise of the California Consumer Privacy Act as a means of handing down eye-watering penalties against companies for data protection violations remains unfulfilled. And yet, the expanding U.S. data privacy legislation landscape is better for this.

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Ask a CCO: Company investment in data privacy efforts

2023-03-01T14:00:00+00:00By Compliance Week

Four senior compliance practitioners discuss how their respective companies invest in compliance with varying data privacy requirements.

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Ask a CCO: Roles in data privacy compliance efforts

2023-02-28T14:00:00+00:00By Compliance Week

Four senior compliance practitioners share their roles in ensuring data privacy compliance at their respective companies and the other departments that support their efforts.

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Ask a CCO: Plan for complying with varied U.S. privacy laws

2023-02-27T14:00:00+00:00By Compliance Week

Four senior compliance practitioners detail steps their respective companies are taking to confront the expanding U.S. data privacy legislation landscape.


Lessons in cybersecurity: Control the breach narrative


Recent botched data breach responses at Activision Blizzard and GoDaddy prompt timely consideration of communication best practices shared by cybersecurity experts at CW’s virtual Cyber Risk & Data Privacy Summit.


Book review: Why revamping procurement benefits business—and compliance


In “Profit from the Source,” four Boston Consulting Group thought leaders argue why procurement should be shaping corporate strategy, not just supporting it. Author Daniel Weise tells Compliance Week why such a transformation would elevate compliance, too.


Allianz case questions if DOJ encouraging scapegoating in individual liability push


Is the Department of Justice’s focus on individual accountability in white-collar crime cases encouraging companies to scapegoat their employees? A recent court filing in a $6 billion corporate fraud case could give company officers some sleepless nights.


Ten things I’d like to see happen in 2023 (2022 in review)


Expect big developments for the compliance profession in 2022 to continue to take center stage in the year ahead, including CCO certifications, climate-related disclosures, and more.


Does ESG offer opportunity? Or is it just another area for compliance friction?


Compliance practitioners share their experiences navigating responsibilities related to environmental, social, and governance without stepping on the toes of other colleagues.


DOJ calling out compliance with 2022 policy shifts


If it seems the Department of Justice has compliance officers in its crosshairs with its controversial policy changes this year, that’s because it does. Some respondents to our annual “Inside the Mind of the CCO” survey embrace the challenge, while others are still skeptical.


Five compliance triumphs from 2022


Positive contributions in the areas of ESG, AI responsibility, and setting standards regarding CCO liability highlight the latest installment of CW’s annual list of laudable ethics and compliance moments.


No time managing risk? No wonder FTX collapsed


Sam Bankman-Fried’s admission he put no effort into risk management in leading cryptocurrency exchange FTX makes it easy to understand how the firm collapsed so quickly.

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Top ethics and compliance failures of 2022


Businesses not taking AML requirements seriously, years of noncompliant off-channel communications catching up to financial services titans, and a manufacturing firm that shared revenue with terrorists comprise CW’s list of the biggest ethics and compliance fails of 2022.


‘A profound sense of loss’: Inside Elon Musk’s Twitter culture teardown


Former and current Twitter employees share insights into the state of the social media company’s “toxic” culture and “morose, fearful” atmosphere since Elon Musk stepped on the scene.


FTX collapse should provide momentum to regulate crypto


The collapse and bankruptcy of digital asset exchange FTX offers stark lessons into why rules that apply to traditional investments—overseen by government regulation—ought to apply to digital investments as well.


SEC order against recidivist Oracle skirts the issue


The most notable and relevant details in settlement agreements concerning regulatory compliance violations are often what is not stated. The SEC’s cease-and-desist order against Oracle over violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is no exception.


Clarity lacking in tribunal report on KPMG’s Carillion, Regenersis failings


The release of the independent tribunal report into the misconduct of KPMG and five of its former employees for falsifying information in the audits of Carillion and Regenersis provides further details about how the work was doctored—but not why.