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Top-of-mind takeaways from TPRM Summit


Top-of-mind issues addressed at Compliance Week’s Third-Party Risk Management & Oversight Summit, held June 3-4 in Atlanta, included safe deployment of artificial intelligence, assessing vendor viability and sustainability, understanding the role of procurement in risk ranking, the intersection (or lack thereof) between data privacy and cybersecurity, and many others.


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Evolve Bank ordered by Fed to address AML, sanctions lapses


The Federal Reserve Board ordered an Arkansas bank that partnered with numerous financial technology companies to correct deficiencies in its anti-money laundering, sanctions, risk management, and consumer compliance programs.

Sanctions compliance TPRM


Panelists break down robust sanctions landscape at TPRM Summit


Sanctions compliance officers face myriad challenges as complex geopolitical situations heighten risks worldwide, experts discussed during Compliance Week’s Third-Party Risk Management & Oversight Summit.


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Flex says no action by OFAC into possible sanctions violations


Flex disclosed in a public filing the Office of Foreign Assets Control is taking no action into potential sanctions violations the global manufacturer voluntarily self-disclosed in 2019.

DXC Technology

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​DXC Technology says no penalties on self-disclosed Russian sanctions matter


IT services company DXC Technology disclosed it received word from the Office of Foreign Assets Control and Bureau of Industry and Security that it won’t be penalized regarding potential Russian sanctions/export control violations it voluntarily self-disclosed in 2022.

Russian money

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Treasury details oligarch-tied Russia sanctions evasion scheme


Three Russia-based companies and an individual were designated by the U.S. Treasury Department for trying to recapture more than $1.5 billion in frozen shares owned by a previously sanctioned Russian oligarch using a complex evasion scheme.

U.S. sanctions


Questions abound on foreign aid bill change to sanctions violations lookbacks


Tucked deep inside the $95 billion foreign aid bill recently passed by Congress was a provision that will allow the Office of Foreign Assets Control to look back 10 years to investigate potential violations of U.S. sanctions, rather than five years.

Iran flag

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OFAC fines SCG Chemicals unit $20M over Iran sanctions violations


A subsidiary of Thailand-based SCG Chemicals Co. agreed to pay a $20 million fine to the Office of Foreign Assets Control over “egregious” violations of sanctions against Iran.


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OFAC sanctions Israeli entities funding West Bank settler violence


The Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned two Israeli entities for establishing fundraising campaigns for extremists fomenting violence in the West Bank.


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Treasury kicks off new wave of Iran sanctions


The Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Iran, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen promising “further actions in the days and weeks ahead” following the Middle East nation’s attack on Israel.


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U.S., U.K. ban new Russian metal imports


The U.S. Treasury Department, in coordination with the United Kingdom, is clamping down harder on Russia’s ability to wage war against Ukraine by banning the import of Russian-origin aluminum, copper, and nickel.

Commerce Department

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BIS rule expands export control restrictions on OFAC sanctioned


The Bureau of Industry and Security adopted a final rule to extend its export restrictions across more entities and individuals designated under certain sanctions programs maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

EFG International

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EFG International settles Cuba, blocked persons U.S. sanctions case


Swiss-based global private banking group EFG International agreed to pay more than $3.7 million as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing apparent violations of U.S. sanctions against Cuba and two blocked individuals.


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Zoetis says no action from OFAC in Iran sanctions matter


Zoetis, a developer and manufacturer of vaccines and medicines for animals, disclosed it was informed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control that it won’t face enforcement for potential violations of Iran sanctions uncovered during an acquisition integration.


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FinCEN alert flags Israeli extremists fomenting violence in West Bank


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued an alert addressing the financing of Israeli extremist settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.


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Treasury cites Iraqi bank, owner over terrorist financing concerns


Al-Huda Bank faces severance from the U.S. financial system for being a conduit of terrorist financing, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, while its owner, Hamad al-Moussawi, was sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Computer hacked


OFAC official urges company transparency on ransomware events


Despite its reputation as a fierce enforcer of sanctions, the Office of Foreign Assets Control has a softer side and wants to help companies that are hit with ransomware attacks, according to the agency’s senior compliance officer.


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ICBC fined $32M by NYDFS, Fed over compliance lapses


The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and its New York branch agreed to pay $32.4 million in penalties levied by two regulators for failing to address compliance failures and for the unauthorized disclosure of confidential supervisory information to an overseas regulator.


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Genesis Global Trading fined $8M by NYDFS over AML, cyber lapses


Virtual currency brokerage firm Genesis Global Trading agreed to pay an $8 million penalty levied by the New York State Department of Financial Services for alleged compliance failures that left it vulnerable to illicit activity and cybersecurity threats.

Binance crypto

News Brief

​Binance.US names new chief compliance officer


Cryptocurrency trading platform Binance.US, an affiliate independent of its embattled parent company, announced the appointment of Lesley O’Neill as chief compliance officer.

Russia sanctions

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PURE Insurance to pay $466K in OFAC sanctions case


Insurance organization Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange agreed to pay $466,200 as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing alleged sanctioned transactions on behalf of designated Ukrainian-Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.



Top ethics and compliance failures of 2023


A virtual currency exchange that sought to mislead regulators, banks failing after ignoring obvious risks, and a manufacturer that sold millions of its products in violation of U.S. export controls are among those that make up CW’s list of the biggest ethics and compliance fails of 2023.

Digital crypto

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CoinList to pay $1.2M to settle Crimea sanctions violations


Virtual currency exchange CoinList Markets agreed to pay more than $1.2 million to settle allegations from the Office of Foreign Assets Control that it violated U.S. sanctions by processing transactions for customers located in the Crimea region of Ukraine.

U.K. business

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New U.K. office eyeing 2024 to enforce trade sanctions


The U.K. government is set to establish a new agency to enforce trade sanctions and provide compliance guidance to businesses regarding the country’s sanctions regimes.

Discover Financial Services


Five compliance triumphs from 2023


A financial services giant’s compliance mea culpa that could serve to benefit the rest of the profession, a chemical company’s praised FCPA settlement, and an example of the value of whistleblowers highlight CW’s annual list of laudable ethics and compliance moments.

Russia sanctions

News Brief

New OFAC sanctions target international Russia supporters


More than 150 new designations implemented by the Office of Foreign Assets Control continue U.S. efforts to crack down on entities and individuals supporting Russia from outside the country.

Shipping boat

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U.S. agencies issue ‘know your cargo’ transport compliance note


Five agencies of the U.S. government combined to issue best practices guidance for entities in the maritime and other transportation industries to help reduce risk of sanctions and export control violations and evasion efforts.


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OFAC: Nasdaq to pay $4M over ex-subsidiary’s Iran sanctions lapses


Nasdaq agreed to pay more than $4 million as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing apparent Iran sanctions violations at the stock exchange operator’s former Armenian subsidiary.

Digital data


Survey: Companies bullish on new tech amid enhanced sanctions scrutiny


Emerging technologies like automation and generative AI are on the radar as difference-makers for businesses serious about keeping pace with increasing regulatory scrutiny toward third-party due diligence and sanctions compliance, a survey conducted by Compliance Week and Certa found.

Binance crypto


Binance’s compliance past, future detailed


There are a slew of compliance lessons to be learned from the $4.3 billion settlement that Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, reached with the U.S. government.

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Survey Report: Companies bullish on new tech amid enhanced sanctions scrutiny

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If sanctions are the top enforcement priority for the Department of Justice, companies have got the message, according to a recent study.

Russia sanctions


No clear path for leniency for U.K. firms navigating Russian sanctions


U.K. companies might be wary of informing regulators they have potentially violated sanctions against Russia over fears they could be publicly criticized for even minor breaches.


News Brief

Binance pleads guilty, fined $4.3B over widespread U.S. law violations


Federal agencies hit Binance with more than $4.3 billion in penalties and imposed multiple compliance monitorships on the virtual currency exchange as punishment for its repeated and intentional violations of U.S. anti-money laundering laws, sanctions, and other regulations.

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DOJ official: People ‘drawing the right conclusions’ on national security focus


Christian Nauvel, deputy chief counsel for corporate enforcement in the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, said the agency’s focus on national security is “top of mind at the highest levels” and that enforcement numbers are set to increase.


News Brief

DaVinci Payments to pay $206K over OFAC sanctions lapses


DaVinci Payments, a financial services firm which manages prepaid reward card programs, agreed to pay approximately $206,000 as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing alleged sanctions violations across four countries.


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OFAC sanctions more investment entities linked to Hamas


The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed a second round of sanctions on investment entities believed to be funding the terrorist organization Hamas.


News Brief

FinCEN alert flags Hamas terrorist financing indicators


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued an alert warning financial institutions to be vigilant toward identifying funding streams supporting Hamas in its attacks against Israel.


News Brief

Treasury eases Venezuela sanctions amid electoral progress


The U.S. Treasury Department dialed back certain of its sanctions against Venezuela after the latter’s government and an opposition faction agreed to work together toward the prospect of a presidential election in 2024.

Wise Payments


Naming and shaming? Fair approach? Expert views mixed on OFSI’s Wise Payments case


The recent decision by the U.K. Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation to disclose details of how Wise Payments failed to stop an individual from obtaining cash while subject to Russian sanctions has ignited debate about whether the agency is taking the right enforcement approach.


News Brief

3M to pay $9.6M over Iran sanctions lapses


The Office of Foreign Assets Control ordered multinational conglomerate 3M to pay more than $9.6 million over apparent Iran sanctions violations by its subsidiary and a U.S. employee of a separate subsidiary.

Iran flag

News Brief

Emigrant Bank to pay $32K in Iran sanctions case


New York-based Emigrant Bank agreed to pay nearly $32,000 as part of a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control addressing apparent sanctions violations regarding an account it maintained for a pair of Iranian residents.

Board table


DOJ official: Compliance must have ‘prominent seat’ at M&A decision table


The Department of Justice is gearing up to provide more guidance on voluntary self-disclosures in the mergers and acquisitions space and the role compliance should play.

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News Brief

SEC: Investment adviser to sanctioned Russian oligarch failed to register


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced charges against New York-based Concord Management and its owner for operating as an unregistered investment adviser to a lone client­­: a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

Russia sanctions

News Brief

New OFAC sanctions expand clamps on Russia tech supply chain


The Office of Foreign Assets Control widened its area of focus to disrupt Russia’s technology supply chain with new sanctions announced against entities in Finland and Turkey.


News Brief

DOJ appoints leaders for corporate enforcement program


The Department of Justice announced new positions in its National Security Division to support the agency’s crackdown on sanctions evasion, export control violations, and other forms of economic crime.

Russia sanctions

News Brief

FinCEN analysis: Trends in Russia export control evasion attempts


Analysis of suspicious activity reports by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network indicates nearly $1 billion in suspicious activity in cases of suspected evasion of Russia-related export controls.

Oil barrels

News Brief

Greek shipper fined $2.5M in Iranian oil smuggling case


Empire Navigation pleaded guilty to violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act by carrying nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian oil from the sanctioned Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to another country.

Wise Payments

News Brief

Wise Payments cited for Russia sanctions breaches in landmark OFSI action


U.K.-based foreign exchange service Wise Payments was cited for breaching the country’s sanctions levied against Russia as part of the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation’s first use of its disclosure enforcement powers acquired last year.

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Whistleblower goes above, beyond in Construction Specialties OFAC case


The impact of “see something, say something” was on display as part of Construction Specialties’ settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control for apparent Iran sanctions violations.


News Brief

Construction Specialties to pay $660K in Iran sanctions case


Construction Specialties agreed to pay more than $660,000 in a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control regarding three apparent sanctions violations in Iran carried out by “rogue employees” of its Middle Eastern affiliate.