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Business stress

Study: Managers, leaders ill-prepared for workplace issues


Many managers and leaders today are ill-prepared to deal with harassment, bias, discrimination, bullying, and other tough workplace challenges, a new study finds.


Still more work ahead on leases, says new survey


Midway through the first year of complying with new lease accounting rules, only a little more than half of public companies said they completed their transition.

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ICFR findings rose in 2018, pending report to say


Adverse auditor attestations on the state of internal controls at public companies made a bit of a comeback in 2018 after a brief retreat, according to a coming report from Audit Analytics.


CCO salary benchmark reports


A newly released benchmark report from BarkerGilmore shows compliance annual salary trends by industry, education, and more.


FDIC report: Five common consumer compliance issues


The FDIC recently issued the first edition of its “Consumer Compliance Supervisory Highlights” report, intended to enhance transparency around consumer compliance supervisory activities.


Study: Financial firms don’t know what they don’t know on climate risks


Financial institutions still struggle with how to manage risks posed by climate change, according to a new report.


Five ‘essential components’ of a sanctions compliance program


Chief compliance officers got some much-needed guidance on how to build a well-crafted sanctions compliance program thanks to the recent OFAC framework.


New index assesses Latin America’s anti-corruption efforts


Chief compliance officers and chief risk officers will want to check out a new index that assesses Latin American countries’ ability to uncover, punish, and deter corruption.


Poll shows gaps in integrated risk management


Many organizations’ enterprise risk management capabilities aren’t as integrated as they need to be, leaving them vulnerable to legal, financial, regulatory, and reputational risks, according to a new GRC benchmark report.


Benchmark report provides holistic look at compliance best practices


A benchmark report published by NAVEX Global provides comprehensive research into the multiple disciplines of an ethics and compliance program.

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Survey: Healthcare compliance officers' roles expanding


A new study from SAI Global and Strategic Management Services shows how the role of healthcare CCO has evolved beyond regulatory compliance.


Happy birthday, GDPR: A look back at Year 1


As the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation celebrates its first “birthday,” an expert panel met at Compliance Week 2019 to share their experiences in prepping, implementing, and following up.


How to determine when enhanced due diligence is warranted


It can cost time and money and could even drown a deal. So when do the challenges and costs associated with this step outweigh the risks of not doing it?


Poll shows room for improvement on training third parties


Results from the Compliance Week and Refinitiv survey revealed some surprising facts about companies’ third-party training; based on those results, the following article offers suggestions for how to enhance the process.


Identifying high-risk third parties a nuanced exercise


Determining which business partners to flag for enhanced due diligence all depends on the quality, and sources, of your data.


Dark Web grows as an investigative tool


A telling detail uncovered in the 2019 Survey on Anti-Bribery & Corruption was that about 6 percent of respondents said they extend their data searches into the “Dark Web.”


Anti-bribery and anti-corruption survey


The 2019 Survey on Anti-Bribery & Corruption explores everything from the monitoring of third parties to the evaluation of training programs.


SOX did not end audit opinion shopping, study says


Despite regulatory efforts to make auditors more independent and more skeptical, companies have been able to shop for audit opinions, a new study says.

Corruption map

Corruption and transparency challenges around the world


The Risk Advisory Group has released its 2019 Corruption Challenges Index, which will give CCOs an idea of the level of corruption in countries where they operate.


Study: Firms pay more than $2K per employee for cyber-security


The cost breakdown of cyber-security for financial institutions is just one of the challenges facing firms.


Top 10 supply chain risks for 2019


Natural disasters, droughts, port disruptions, cargo theft, and industrial fires are some of the top supply-chain risks that should keep executives and chief risk officers on their toes in 2019, according to a new risk report.


Best practices for managing employee reports


A recent report from NAVEX Global offers a look at how the performance of ethics and compliance officers’ hotline and incident management systems stack up against their peers.


Survey: Companies just starting to prepare for CCPA


A new study from Compliance Week and TrustArc says companies are not yet prepared for the coming California Consumer Privacy Act, the Golden State’s version of the EU’s GDPR.


Survey: Companies seek both ‘soft,’ technical skills in compliance hiring


A new survey from Compliance Week and the Seton Hall School of Law gets to the heart of what employers are seeking in a chief compliance officer today.


Why ‘moral leadership’ matters, and how to demonstrate it


Most employees believe moral leadership leads to better business results, but few believe senior leaders consistently demonstrate those qualities. That’s according to the findings of a new report, “The State of Moral Leadership in Business 2019,” conducted by ethics and compliance advisory firm LRN.


Survey: Companies lag behind with CCPA compliance


With a January 2020 deadline just 10 months away, only 14 percent of companies report they are compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Nearly half have not yet started implementation, says a new survey from TrustArc.


Special report: Building a better audit


Various initiatives on producing audit quality indicators give audit committees some questions to ask or data points to consider in assessing their audits and their auditors.

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Inside the Mind of the CCO

Take our survey: Inside the mind of the chief compliance officer


Take 7 minutes out of your day to complete our totally anonymous survey so we can find out what makes a CCO tick.

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Take stock of your trade compliance program

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Compliance Week and Dun & Bradstreet invite you to share how your company is approaching the myriad complexities and risks of trade-based compliance.

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Meeting the expectations of the board for third parties

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This survey seeks to provide insight into the level of oversight boards are bringing to today’s programs, best practices, and areas for improvement.