SEC continues whistleblower award surge with $2M payout


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the award of $2 million to a whistleblower—its fifth payout in the last 12 days. For the year, the SEC has already matched its 2019 total of eight awards.


SEC issues rare compliance-related whistleblower award


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced it would award $450,000 to a whistleblower with compliance-related responsibilities—a rarity in the program’s history.


SEC awards $1.6M to whistleblower for case-opening intel


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced an award of more than $1.6 million to a whistleblower whose information formed part of the basis for charges brought in a successful enforcement action.

Houston Astros

Ethics and compliance lessons from Astros’ cheating scandal

2020-03-12T19:59:00+00:00By Carrie Penman and Mark Robertson, Compliance Week Guest Columnists

The Astros’ sign-stealing scandal offers important lessons for leaders of all organizations about the risks associated with a win-at-all-costs or short-term outlook.

Michael Johnson Investigations class

10 takeaways from ‘Science of Workplace Investigations’


A former U.S. Department of Justice attorney laid bare the tools in his “lie detection” toolbox to help compliance officers manage this responsibility.


CFPB the latest federal agency to propose whistleblower program


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants Congress to authorize a program that would reward whistleblowers who provide tips leading to successful prosecutions.


DOJ intervenes in whistleblower suit against Mallinckrodt


The Department of Justice has intervened in a whistleblower lawsuit against Mallinckrodt over allegations the drug maker knowingly underpaid Medicaid rebates it owed due to significant price increases to its drug Acthar.


SEC hands out largest whistleblower award in nearly a year


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the award of more than $7 million to a whistleblower who provided “extensive and ongoing assistance” during the course of an investigation.


SEC subpoenas Mattel in accounting probe


Mattel announced it has received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission seeking documents related to a previously disclosed investigation that had uncovered accounting errors.

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Whistleblowers finding system stacked against them


Are whistleblowers getting the short end of the stick? A recent case highlights one way in which the process for government rewards might be perceived as unfair.


SEC issues first whistleblower awards of 2020


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced its first whistleblower awards of the new year in connection with two separate enforcement actions.


NAVEX Global: Top 10 compliance trends for 2020


A recent Webinar, and complementary report, from NAVEX Global offers a look at the top 10 risk and compliance trends for 2020.


My Compliance Library: ‘Crisis of Conscience’ explores whistleblower culture


The latest installment of My Compliance Library examines “Crisis of Conscience,” a wide-ranging look at whistleblowers and the toxic cultures that lead to their critical role in enacting change.


Teva to pay $54M in FCA whistleblower settlement


Teva Pharmaceuticals has reached a $54 million settlement in a lawsuit filed by two whistleblowers over allegations the drug company bribed physicians through numerous “sham” speaker programs in exchange for prescribing Teva drugs.


Special report: Compliance 2020


CW Editor in Chief Dave Lefort offers 10 predictions on what will dominate compliance headlines in 2020.

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Apple, Walmart among compliance winners of 2019


Strong social stances, a dedication to doing what’s right, and leading by example highlight the qualities exemplified by our list of ethics and compliance winners of 2019.


CFTC awards more than $1M to internal compliance whistleblower


The CFTC announced a whistleblower award north of $1 million for a tipster who went through internal compliance at his or her company to get the information to regulators.


Alleged compliance failures at Omnicare lead to healthcare fraud lawsuit


A series of alleged compliance failures at pharmaceutical services provider Omnicare has resulted in the Department of Justice intervening in yet another civil healthcare fraud lawsuit against the company.


SEC’s Clayton: Talk of whistleblower cap ‘misguided’


Amid controversy surrounding proposed changes to the SEC’s whistleblower program, Chairman Jay Clayton continues to stress any adjustments won’t include a cap on awards.


SEC awards three whistleblowers $260,000


The SEC has awarded over $260,000 to three individuals who jointly submitted a tip alerting the agency to a well-concealed fraud targeting retail investors that led to a successful enforcement action. The whistleblowers were, themselves, harmed investors.


SEC sees slight decrease in number of whistleblower tips fielded


The Securities and Exchange Commission, in its annual report to Congress, indicated it fielded 5,212 whistleblower tips in fiscal year 2019, down 1 percent from the record of 5,282 in FY2018.


Sutter Health pays $30M in lawsuit


Healthcare services provider Sutter Health will pay $30.5 million in a lawsuit filed by a former compliance officer alleging fraud and kickbacks, though Sutter did not admit laibility and points out there was no finding that Sutter violated anti-kickback laws.


CFTC whistleblower payouts, tips received drop in FY2019


The CFTC made a handful of big payouts to whistleblowers in fiscal year 2019, but denied awards on 129 applications in the same timeframe.


Ask Amii mailbag: Steps to encourage employees to speak up


This edition of the Ask Amii mailbag offers tips on how to ensure your employees feel safe blowing the whistle, suggestions for encouraging collaboration, and advice for data managers on how to manage data ethically and responsibly in a segmented firm.


Mattel ousts CFO after accounting probe reveals weaknesses


Following an investigation spurred by a whistleblower letter, Mattel announced it has uncovered material weaknesses in its internal controls over financial reporting and is now working to remediate the issues.


EY accused in U.K. gold-laundering scheme


Big Four audit firm EY has been accused of covering up evidence of smuggling by an organized crime gang that was laundering British drug money through gold dealings, according to an investigation by the BBC.


Unethical practices at Infosys? SEC opens probe


The SEC has launched an investigation into Infosys based on an anonymous letter the agency received from several Infosys employees alleging CEO Salil Parekh forced them to engage in “disturbing unethical practices.”


Senators call out SEC over PCAOB whistleblower report


A letter sent by two senators addressed to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton critiques the regulator’s oversight of the PCAOB as showing “questionable judgment and an alarming lack of transparency.”


Fourth time a charm? Senate again passes whistleblower protection bill


The U.S. Senate has once again passed an act to allow employees who believe they are the victim of retaliation to file a complaint with the Secretary of Labor and to be reinstated to their former status if the Secretary finds in their favor.


First-ever directory of companies’ anonymous reporting hotlines released


A newly published online directory offers employees of Fortune 500 companies 10 tips and other best practices for reporting sexual misconduct, ethical violations, and fraud.

Board table

PCAOB swaps board members, faces whistleblower report


The SEC has ousted Kathleen Hamm as a board member at the PCAOB, replacing her with White House aide Rebekah Goshorn Jurata. The swap, along with a whistleblower report, signal internal strife at the audit regulator.


EU whistleblower protection law gets go-ahead


Whistleblower protections against dismissal, demotion, and other forms of retaliation will come into effect in the European Union within the next two years, according to an agreement signed recently by EU leaders.


Whistleblower awarded $7M for ‘limited assistance’


A whistleblower who provided the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with “limited assistance” about misconduct that prompted an investigation was still awarded $7 million, the agency announced.


House approves PCAOB whistleblower program


The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill to move the creation of a whistleblower program at the PCAOB forward. While some praised the development, others cautioned it’s a redundant and flawed measure.


SEC awards whistleblower $1.8M for 'extensive' assistance


The SEC awarded more than $1.8 million to a whistleblower whose information and assistance were “critically important” to the success of an enforcement action involving misconduct committed overseas.


GE whistleblower report shines light on insurance liability


Recent whistleblower allegations against GE have put a spotlight on mounting liabilities that will hit corporate balance sheets when insurance accounting rules shift.


Is whistleblowing working? New claims raise questions


Sweeping, open allegations of fraud against major public companies raise fresh questions about the effectiveness of regulatory whistleblower programs.


GE rails against new whistleblower allegations of fraud


GE picks apart new whistleblower allegations of $38 billion accounting fraud. “Market manipulation—pure and simple,” says Chairman and CEO Larry Culp.


House considers creating PCAOB whistleblower program


The House is considering a bill that would give the PCAOB a whistleblower system under Sarbanes-Oxley like the one operated by the SEC.


Cisco’s $8.6M settlement for security flaws has broader ramifications


Cisco has reached an $8.6 million settlement for knowingly selling video surveillance software with critical security vulnerabilities. It’s believed to be the first cyber-security whistleblower case of its kind successfully litigated under the False Claims Act.


Overseas whistleblowers continue to fuel SEC program


Foreign national whistleblowers play a strong role in the SEC’s whistleblower program, highlighted by the most recent award of $500,000 to an overseas informant. This latest payout appears to mark at least the 13th time the SEC has awarded an overseas whistleblower.


Novartis sets aside $700M in kickback case


Swiss pharmaceutical drug maker Novartis announced it has set aside $700 million for a potential settlement in a long-running lawsuit over allegations that the company paid hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks to doctors to induce them into prescribing drugs to patients to boost their sales.


CFTC issues joint $2M whistleblower award


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced on July 1 an award of $2 million to two “model whistleblowers” who provided the agency with “significant information” that prompted the CFTC to open an investigation.


CFTC issues reduced whistleblower award of $2.5M


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has awarded a whistleblower $2.5 million for assisting it in an investigation, but the award could have been larger if the report was made sooner, the CFTC said.


SEC awards whistleblower $4.5M in landmark case


For the first time ever, the Securities and Exchange Commission has awarded a whistleblower whose internal reporting led to a successful SEC case and related action.

NAVEX Whistleblower cover img v2

Insights on whistleblowers and internal reporting

2019-05-24T14:51:00+01:00Provided by

Doing the right thing in the face of adversity isn’t always easy, but there’s no question whistleblowing is the ethical choice, whether it be via internal channels or straight to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Informatica to pay $21.57M in False Claims Act case


The Department of Justice says Informatica will pay over $21 million stemming from a False Claims Act investigation.


Steven Pearlman: The whistleblower’s ally


When it comes to tackling whistleblower cases, Steven Pearlman has the skills, expertise, and legal acumen “in spades.”