GE rails against new whistleblower allegations of fraud


GE picks apart new whistleblower allegations of $38 billion accounting fraud. “Market manipulation—pure and simple,” says Chairman and CEO Larry Culp.


House considers creating PCAOB whistleblower program


The House is considering a bill that would give the PCAOB a whistleblower system under Sarbanes-Oxley like the one operated by the SEC.


Cisco’s $8.6M settlement for security flaws has broader ramifications


Cisco has reached an $8.6 million settlement for knowingly selling video surveillance software with critical security vulnerabilities. It’s believed to be the first cyber-security whistleblower case of its kind successfully litigated under the False Claims Act.


Overseas whistleblowers continue to fuel SEC program


Foreign national whistleblowers play a strong role in the SEC’s whistleblower program, highlighted by the most recent award of $500,000 to an overseas informant. This latest payout appears to mark at least the 13th time the SEC has awarded an overseas whistleblower.


Novartis sets aside $700M in kickback case


Swiss pharmaceutical drug maker Novartis announced it has set aside $700 million for a potential settlement in a long-running lawsuit over allegations that the company paid hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks to doctors to induce them into prescribing drugs to patients to boost their sales.


CFTC issues joint $2M whistleblower award


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced on July 1 an award of $2 million to two “model whistleblowers” who provided the agency with “significant information” that prompted the CFTC to open an investigation.


CFTC issues reduced whistleblower award of $2.5M


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has awarded a whistleblower $2.5 million for assisting it in an investigation, but the award could have been larger if the report was made sooner, the CFTC said.


SEC awards whistleblower $4.5M in landmark case


For the first time ever, the Securities and Exchange Commission has awarded a whistleblower whose internal reporting led to a successful SEC case and related action.

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Insights on whistleblowers and internal reporting

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Doing the right thing in the face of adversity isn’t always easy, but there’s no question whistleblowing is the ethical choice, whether it be via internal channels or straight to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Informatica to pay $21.57M in False Claims Act case


The Department of Justice says Informatica will pay over $21 million stemming from a False Claims Act investigation.


Steven Pearlman: The whistleblower’s ally


When it comes to tackling whistleblower cases, Steven Pearlman has the skills, expertise, and legal acumen “in spades.”

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Guarding the gatekeeper


Gatekeepers who have firsthand knowledge of corporate wrongdoing should be entitled to the same legal protections afforded to any other whistleblower.


SEC awards $50M to two whistleblowers


The Securities and Exchange Commission announced awards totaling $50 million to two whistleblowers whose high-quality information assisted the agency in bringing a successful enforcement action.

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Avenatti arrest fallout: don’t confuse whistleblowing with extortion


A high-profile arrest of Michael Avenatti for an extortion scheme against Nike raises difficult questions of corporate responsibility regarding whistleblower initiatives.


EU whistleblower protections closer to fruition


As EU whistleblower protections inch closer, Neil Hodge provides an in-depth look at exactly what they will cover.


CFTC issues enforcement advisory on self-reporting and cooperation


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission Division of Enforcement has issued an enforcement advisory that provides clarity concerning the benefits of self-reporting and cooperation related to violations of the Commodity Exchange Act involving foreign corrupt practices.


Waters urges CFPB employees to be whistleblowers


Rep. Maxine Waters, chair of the House Financial Services Committee, has written an open letter to CFPB employees urging them to be proud of their work and use a whistleblower hotline to report anything undermining those efforts.