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EU agencies examine efforts to identify and monitor examples of greenwashing


The European Securities and Markets Authority, European Banking Authority, and European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority issued reports on greenwashing in the financial sector, describing how they plan to call out examples of false or misleading sustainability claims.

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Treasury, other agencies issue voluntary carbon market principles


The Treasury Department and other U.S. agencies announced a coordinated federal policy concerning carbon credits and other voluntary incentives to encourage businesses and agriculture to cut their carbon footprints.

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ESMA guidelines tackle greenwashing via fund names


The European Securities and Markets Authority published its final report containing guidance for the use of environmental, social, and governance- and sustainability-related terminology in fund names.

Federal Reserve

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Fed-led climate scenario analysis highlights data gaps, insurance costs


The Federal Reserve Board and six large American banks released the results of a pilot climate scenario analysis that explored how resilient the banks’ business models were to climate-related financial risks.


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Lululemon facing probe in Canada over greenwashing complaints


Athletic apparel company Lululemon is under investigation by the Canadian Competition Bureau regarding whether it made misleading claims about environmental aspects of its business.



EU charts green path forward with ECT withdrawal, new regs


The impending decision by the European Parliament to withdraw from the international Energy Charter Treaty and adopt further climate rules sets a clear direction for green regulations in the region.

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FCA publishes guidance on anti-greenwashing rule


The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority issued new guidance on how to comply with its upcoming anti-greenwashing rule, which is set to take effect May 31.

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Report: Poor awareness of supply chain disclosure regs leaving firms exposed


Compliance failures in the supply chain are hampering organizations’ efforts to implement environmental, social, and governance initiatives and meet disclosure requirements, according to a new report by U.K. law firm Burges Salmon.


News Brief

U.S. senator calls for Temu ban over forced labor, privacy concerns


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is calling on the Biden administration to investigate and ban Chinese e-commerce company Temu over forced labor and data privacy violation concerns.

European Court of Human Rights


ECHR ruling opens door to climate change litigation on basis of human rights


By holding the Swiss government accountable for failing to do more to limit climate change, a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights might have significant implications for legislators and organizations in other countries across the European Union.



Experts: ESG gone mainstream, but new regs still create headaches


Environmental, social, and governance goals have gained acceptance from senior leadership because of upward pressure from employees, investors, and customers, according to compliance leaders speaking at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference.

CW2024 Compliance Value


Data, consumer support key to conveying value of compliance


Presenting data to the board and providing examples of positive consumer response to ethical decision-making help compliance departments demonstrate value beyond keeping an organization in line with rules and regulations, experts discussed at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference.


News Brief

SEC concludes VW emissions case with $48.8M judgment


Volkswagen Group of America Finance was ordered to pay $48.75 million as part of a final judgment obtained by the Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve historical violations related to the automaker’s emissions scandal.

CW2024 leadership panel


CW2024 leadership panel on navigating scrutiny, prep for more change


The global political landscape should be high on the risk radar of compliance officers in 2024, according to compliance leaders speaking at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference, along with increased regulatory scrutiny toward forced labor, ESG, and M&A.


News Brief

Legal pushback prompts SEC to stay climate-related disclosure rule


The Securities and Exchange Commission delayed implementation of its climate-related disclosure rule until the courts can rule on appeals filed in response to the controversial policy.

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CBP stats show persistent problem areas under UFLPA

2024-04-01T13:33:00+01:00By and

It’s been nearly two years since the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act took effect, and as enforcement statistics and recent reports demonstrate, many businesses are still not adequately vetting their supply chains.

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U.K. sets recommendations to address misogyny in finance


Sexism, sexual assault, and bullying are rife at financial services organizations, according to a recent report by the U.K. Treasury Committee. “The government and financial regulators have important roles to play in driving change,” the committee said.

Energy efficiency


EU regs for energy-efficient buildings raise questions for commercial property


Organizations with property in the European Union should be asking more questions about their sustainability and emissions in light of revised plans to decarbonize buildings across the region.



Experts: Legal noise around SEC climate disclosure rule no excuse for standing still


Legal experts are advising their public company clients to move forward with plans to comply with the SEC’s climate-related disclosure rule, despite lawsuits and other challenges being brought against the controversial policy in the aftermath of its approval.

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EU due diligence directive back on track, despite concession concerns


The future of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive was thrown into doubt when the European Council failed to endorse proposals. The directive is back on track after being agreed upon, albeit in weaker form.

Supply chain


Policy changes underscore need for enhanced child labor due diligence

2024-03-18T13:20:00+00:00By and

Rooting out potential child or forced labor violations in your company’s supply chain can have benefits beyond protecting reputation and being ethically sound. The process can also help your firm comply with pending child labor laws in other jurisdictions.


News Brief

Departing ABN AMRO risk chief says climate, cyber among priorities


Tanja Cuppen, chief risk officer of ABN AMRO, shared her view on the Dutch bank’s biggest risk focus areas and the accomplishments of her tenure a month ahead of her planned departure.

Climate change ideas


Study: Climate transition impact reporting still lacking


Large polluters are failing to account for climate change impact and adaptation, but policymakers need to harmonize disclosure requirements to drive coherent action.

Business collaboration


Want to be an ethical supply chain influencer? It’s all about the ‘collab’

2024-03-13T12:10:00+00:00By Gwendolyn Hassan, CW guest columnist

Supply chain and ethics and compliance professionals could take a page out of the social media influencer playbook and look to collaborate with suppliers more to create their own win-win scenarios.

Department of Labor


DOL seeking more authority in crackdown on child labor violations


The Department of Labor has stepped up its enforcement of child labor law amid a concerning rise in child labor exploitation, yet the agency acknowledges its resources are not great enough to be a significant deterrent for such misconduct.

Child labor


Child labor violations are on the rise in U.S. Are they in your supply chain?


The compliance community has not been spending time addressing a problem mistakenly thought to be a rarity: The proliferation of child labor violations occurring in the United States.

European Commission

News Brief

EU to ban sale of products made with forced labor


The European Union announced an agreement to ban products made with forced labor, a decision that will oblige organizations to track and declare more information about their supply chains for goods entering EU markets.



Concessions can’t save ‘cursed’ SEC climate disclosure rule from scrutiny


The Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved its ground-breaking climate-related disclosure rule, nearly two years since it was originally proposed. Though the agency significantly watered down aspects of its proposal, the rule is already facing the prospect of legal challenge.

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Experts: What to expect ahead of SEC climate-related disclosure rule vote


Nearly two years after it was first proposed, the Securities and Exchange Commission is finally poised to approve its climate-related disclosure rule—albeit a watered-down version, by all indications.


News Brief

NYAG lawsuit: JBS misleading public with sustainability claims


Two U.S. subsidiaries of Brazilian meat processing company JBS are the subject of a lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general accusing the businesses of using misleading statements and marketing regarding their environmental commitments.

Business ethics


Best practices for determining need for a human rights policy


Does your business need a human rights policy? An increasing number of organizations believe they do, according to research firm Gartner.



Grewal: Investors care about ESG claims—so do SEC enforcers


Environmental, social, and governance issues are increasingly material to investors, and the Securities and Exchange Commission is checking to ensure businesses’ ESG statements are above board, according to the agency’s enforcement director.


News Brief

Walmart shares successes behind supplier emissions reduction initiative


Retail giant Walmart announced the completion of an initiative to reduce emissions in its supply chain six years earlier than its intended target.

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Q&A: ManpowerGroup compliance director on CSRD prep efforts


James Levey, compliance director at global recruitment agency ManpowerGroup, discusses with Compliance Week his focus on preparing the group’s European operations to gather the data required for compliance with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.



Verifiable data key as companies begin TNFD-aligned disclosures


More than 320 organizations worldwide committed to disclosing their impact on nature following the recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures.

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Jury out on viability of AI in ESG reporting


Tech vendors believe ESG reporting is a ripe market for artificial intelligence to help companies sift through data and ensure compliance with both mandatory and voluntary reporting standards. Compliance officers appear less sure.

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Q&A: LKQ sustainability VP on importance of environmental data


Richard Brasher, vice-president of sustainability at multinational automotive parts company LKQ Corp., discusses with Compliance Week his view on the added attention sustainability initiatives are receiving and where improvement remains.

California AG

News Brief

Business groups sue to halt California climate disclosure laws


A coalition of business groups filed a lawsuit opposing two California laws that require large businesses to make climate-related disclosures, calling it a fight against illegal and excessive government overreach.



Ten things I’d like to see happen in 2024


Election years in the United States, United Kingdom, and at European Parliament, along with ongoing geopolitical tensions, make 2024 difficult to predict—aside from the expectation compliance officers will be busy.

ESG regulations


Compliance with CSRD, CS3D, national laws an EU balancing act


Companies could be in danger of failing to comply with a raft of social responsibility-minded legislation at the European Union and national level because they might mistakenly think duties on corporates overlap when they do not.


News Brief

Unilever facing U.K. probe into green claims


Consumer goods company Unilever will be scrutinized by the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority regarding its marketing of certain products as environmentally friendly.

SEC office

News Brief

SEC fall regulatory agenda: Climate disclosure rule targeted for 2024


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest regulatory agenda remains packed with proposals in the final rule stage, most notably the agency’s climate-related disclosure package.

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CPE Webcast: Navigating the 2024 ESG landscape

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Gain a greater understanding of the current ESG landscape and learn how technology solutions can help you manage your program


News Brief

CFTC proposes guidance for voluntary carbon credits


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission promoted the need for developing high-integrity voluntary carbon markets in publishing proposed guidance for the listing of voluntary carbon credit derivative contracts.


News Brief

FCA adopts rule package aimed at thwarting greenwashing


The Financial Conduct Authority will implement a series of rules to minimize instances of “greenwashing” in the U.K. market.

ESG data


More companies enter ‘discovery phase’ of ESG reporting in 2023


Climate-related disclosure efforts are amplifying year over year, despite persistent and persnickety pain points, as more organizations widen the scope of their ESG journeys, our “Inside the Mind of the CCO” survey found.

CWE 2023 Supply Chain


Supply chain due diligence must go beyond self-assessments


So many companies rely on suppliers to self-certify they comply with buyers’ codes of business conduct that the practice is “almost useless,” a panel of experts discussed at Compliance Week’s Europe conference in London.

Federal Reserve

News Brief

Banking regs release climate-related risk management framework


Federal banking regulators issued a long-promised framework that provides guidance on the safe and sound management of climate-related financial risks at large banks.

CWE 2023 ESG


Social risks prove tripping point in early CSRD compliance efforts


Companies are still struggling to report meaningfully on societal risks as part of their efforts to meet demands for better environmental, social, and governance disclosures, experts discussed at Compliance Week’s Europe conference in London.


News Brief

Compliance cost concerns raised as California enacts climate disclosure laws


The governor of California signed off on a pair of bills containing requirements for large businesses operating in the state to make disclosures regarding their climate-related risks and impacts, though not without mentioning work to be done on the compliance ramifications associated with each law.