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Warren’s next battleground: private equity firms


Under newly filed legislation, The Stop Wall Street Looting Act, firms would share responsibility for the liabilities of companies under their control, including debt, legal judgments, and pension obligations.

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SFO appoints two non-executive directors


The U.K. Serious Fraud Office has appointed two new non-executive directors: Emir Feisal and Martin Spencer.


IBE produces AI guidance for boards


The U.K. Institute of Business Ethics is offering a new guide for companies faced with the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence.

best interest

SEC finally prevails with investment advice ‘best interest’ rule


The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted rulemaking intended to enhance the quality and transparency of investor relationships with investment advisers and broker-dealers.


How to handle an unpredictable CEO like Elon Musk


There are activist CEOs and rogue CEOs. And then there’s Elon Musk, whose name came up quite often in a Compliance Week panel discussion about what to do when a leader goes off the rails.

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ExxonMobil governance as toxic as carbon footprint


The fact that ExxonMobil continues to think only about its bottom line and is indifferent toward the devastating global consequences of its actions demonstrates a corporate culture with no moral compass.

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SEC focus: Reduce burden while protecting investors


The SEC has stuck to its promise to focus on initiatives that can improve capital formation and lighten the regulatory burden.


Braskem board approves $101M leniency agreement


Braskem has approved a 410 million reais (U.S. $101 million) leniency agreement with authorities for concealing its role in a bribery scheme involving Petrobras.


Companies prioritize director experience


New research from the Conference Board says that despite a desire for diverse skillsets, companies continue to value prior board experience in their director selection.


GE shareholders still want new auditor, vote suggests


While the rancor appears to have softened a bit, General Electric shareholders are still signaling to the audit committee that they want a new auditor.


Nissan to overhaul its governance structure


In a meeting this month, Nissan’s board of directors unanimously voted in favor of a transition from a company with statutory auditors to a company with three statutory committees.


SEC charges GT Advanced Technologies with fraud


GT Advanced Technologies is in trouble with the SEC for misleading shareholders about its ability to provide sapphire glass to Apple for its iPhones.


Bed Bath & Beyond revamps board; shareholders revolt


In response to shareholder backlash, Bed Bath & Beyond has made several changes to its board, as well as a series of additional governance enhancements, but activist investors say the changes aren’t enough and issued a joint statement expressing their many concerns.


Tesla to phase out four board members


Tesla disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that four of its directors eventually will be phased out, reducing the size of its board to seven.


Ask Amii mailbag: Keys to effective, engaging training


Executive coach Amii Barnard-Bahn tackles your questions on compliance training, conducting an ethics health check, and more.


SEC: Amazon can’t exclude biometrics shareholder resolutions


The SEC has decided to allow a shareholder proposal demanding more information on Amazon’s use and sale of facial-recognition technology to proceed to the annual meeting’s proxy materials.


Embattled Wells Fargo CEO steps down


Wells Fargo announced Thursday that Chief Executive Officer and President Timothy Sloan intends to retire, effective June 30. He will step down as CEO, president, and board member effective immediately.


U.S. Chamber ponders quarterly reporting, pitches ‘company files’


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness has entered the fray over potential reforms to the timing and substance of corporate disclosures. Its pitch: a centralized “company file” to replace the current process for delivering investor information.


CFPB resurrects consumer advisory boards


CFPB Director Kathleen Kraninger has reinstated the agency’s consumer advisory boards. It is currently accepting applications for members to serve on those boards, which were disbanded last year by her predecessor.


Interserve: Carillion Part II


In an almost carbon copy of the Carillion collapse, peer contracting firm Interserve went into administration on Friday due to a majority of its shareholders rebelling against a debt cancellation deal that would have seen their investment at even lower levels than the deal that was finally agreed to.


Bipartisan effort would double SEC statute of limitations for fraud


Senators Mark Warner (D-Va.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) have introduced the Securities Fraud Enforcement and Investor Compensation Act—the bipartisan legislation that would extend the window of time the SEC can pursue post-fraud claims for investors from five years to 10.


Festivus, Fortnite, and the SEC’s relationship with institutional investors


SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce’s speech before the Council of Institutional Investors spring conference used two pop culture touchpoints as a means to clarify her relationship with the audience the group represents.