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Deutsche dinged $150M for compliance failures related, in part, to Jeffrey Epstein


Deutsche Bank will pay $150 million in penalties under a consent order with New York State for “significant compliance failures” regarding, in part, its former relationship with accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


Adidas vows more ‘diverse and inclusive’ workplace after key exec departs


Footwear and apparel giant Adidas is focused on improving its diversity efforts after its head of global human resources stepped down following controversial remarks on race that angered employees.


Ask Amii mailbag: What to do when back-to-work guidance falls to you


Executive coach Amii-Barnard Bahn offers some tips for when your compliance title morphs into “Chief Public Health Officer,” plus ways to highlight the compliance function at your company and more.

David Lefort

Market forces, not regs, leading the charge for data privacy


Data privacy is about to become a more tangible concept to Americans not due to regulation like the CCPA, but because the most influential brand in the nation is making it a pillar of how it does business.


What are expectations of compliance at a negligent company like PG&E?


Financial crime expert Martin Woods wonders about the compliance priorities of a company found to be as reckless as Pacific Gas and Electric.


Ask Amii mailbag: Five strategies for maximizing virtual communication


Executive coach Amii Barnard-Bahn provides guidance on how compliance practitioners can best have the tough conversations they need to have in a virtual environment.


From financial crisis to coronavirus: Shifting compliance trends in financial services


Keeping up with regulatory change; budget and resource allocation; and data protection issues were cited as the top three compliance challenges in the financial services industry, according to a recent study.

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Tumultuous U.S. leadership hurts image of compliance


If “tone at the top” is a benchmark for determining ethical leadership, where does the United States stand?

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Be mindful of gender equity with return-to-work policies


As you’re making your back-to-work policies during the emergence from our collective quarantines, take into consideration that “optional” isn’t an option for everyone.

Pandemic layoffs

Navigating layoffs is always hard. During a pandemic, it’s harder


As businesses begin to reopen, many companies are reassessing the furlough decisions they made in March. If you manage such employees, you would be wise to heed this advice.


LRN survey: Values, not policies, drive ethical behavior


Establishing a culture based on values and transparency is more effective at preventing misconduct than a robust set of rules, according to an LRN survey.


Analysis: Let Westpac’s missteps be a cautionary tale


By balking at original allegations, Westpac opened itself to infinitely more harm, writes financial crime expert Martin Woods.


Could rethinking facial recognition tech provide guide for police reform?


Facial recognition technology, under assault for alleged biases and misuse by law enforcement, could be facing a moment of reckoning.

Coronavirus office

Podcast: Tips for mitigating risks in returning to the office

2020-06-10T15:25:00+01:00By Compliance Week

Compliance Week Editor in Chief Dave Lefort and ServiceNow Risk Solutions Executive Brandon Reese share best practices and discuss managing pandemic-related risks as companies safely and slowly bring employees back to the office.

Jet plane

Analysis: Don’t ignore financial misconduct in ‘plane’ view


Compliance officers must let go of the fear that often accompanies respect for big money (or luxurious aircrafts) and hold the difficult conversations when ferreting out bad actors, writes financial crime expert Martin Woods.

Women and bullies

Compliance has a role in eliminating corporate bullies


Anti-bullying should be at the top of your compliance agenda and should be supported by increased gender balance, writes financial crime expert Martin Woods. 

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—change

2020-06-05T15:24:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory concludes her emotional intelligence podcast series with a discussion of change and its importance to how we progress in life.

David Lefort

Law enforcement reform should take a cue from compliance


Just as companies must answer to their stakeholders, our public leaders and institutions need to be held more accountable to their constituents.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—risk

2020-06-03T15:12:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory details how taking risks is essential to success as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.


Analysis: When a bonus becomes less incentive, and more compromise


Financial crime expert Martin Woods explores what happens when the annual bonus causes employees to disregard their values for want of a dollar.

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Imagining a utopian food supply chain


If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need a more resilient food supply chain. Jaclyn Jaeger explains what that could look like and how the public and private sector could play their parts.


Analysis: VW ‘deliberately immoral’ ruling pushes governance lessons


A look at a recent court case against car manufacturer Volkswagen once again places the company in the spotlight but, perhaps more importantly, offers some lessons in how to live up to shareholder expectations of good governance that protects their investment.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—stinking thinking

2020-05-29T15:22:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory explains how to expel negative thoughts and the value of optimism as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—values

2020-05-28T15:23:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory stresses the distinction between goals and values as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.


Special report: Leadership in a time of unpredictable change


Executive coach Amii Barnard-Bahn reveals five tips for instilling compliance and ethics throughout the organization in times of uncertainty.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—high-performance teams

2020-05-22T13:09:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory explains the value of proper leadership to motivating a high-performance team as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

David Lefort

CW2020 wrap-up: Tips for CCOs on leading in a crisis


The themes of honesty and integrity defined the leadership best practices shared by more than 40 speakers across 15 sessions at Compliance Week’s first-ever Virtual Conference.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—adversity

2020-05-20T16:46:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory speaks to the benefits adversity can bring as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

Peter Anderson

Carnival CECO trying to right the ship amid ‘two storms’


The entire cruise industry was hit hard by coronavirus, but for Carnival CECO Peter Anderson the challenges were twofold: How to steer his company through both a compliance monitorship and a global pandemic.


Ethics and compliance tips for charting a path in uncharted times


A panel of experts speaking at Compliance Week’s 2020 Virtual Conference share helpful tips for chief ethics and compliance officers on how to lead successfully in a time of great uncertainty.

Samantha Power

Former UN ambassador Power’s message to CCOs: ‘Don’t be silenced’


Speaking at the Compliance Week 2020 virtual conference, former UN Ambassador Samantha Power offered advice on how to address abuses happening during the pandemic and praised the upsurge in strong female leadership around the world.

Holloway EIC

Holloway’s bold strategy lands him CW’s CCO of the Year


U.S. Steel Chief Compliance Officer Duane Holloway’s successful efforts to overhaul the ethical principles of a 119-year-old company earn him the distinction of becoming CW’s first-ever CCO of the Year.

Drew EIC

Josh Drew led by example in getting VEON through DPA


CW’s Compliance Comeback of the Year Josh Drew, group chief ethics & compliance officer at VEON, discusses the challenges he faced when rebuilding the company’s ethics and compliance program under a monitor’s watchful eye.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—stretch goals

2020-05-18T14:34:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory reviews the pros and cons of setting ambitious goals as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

Penman EIC

Penman an E&C pioneer with an uncanny ability to connect


Lifetime Achievement in Compliance award winner Carrie Penman walks us through her compliance journey—from creating the first corporate-wide ethics program at Westinghouse Electric to her influential ethics and compliance work at NAVEX Global.

Coronavirus look ahead

Flexible approach needed in return from coronavirus


Can an employee, fearful of contracting coronavirus, refuse to return to work? Though the law may be on the employer’s side, there should be room for negotiation.


Coronavirus has made CW2020 a (virtual) gathering like no other


The coronavirus pandemic has made getting together for our annual National Conference impossible, but it’s also made this virtual gathering (Monday and Tuesday) perhaps the most important one we’ve ever had.


Nine AGs sue EPA over non-enforcement policy


A coalition of nine attorneys general filed a federal lawsuit against the EPA in response to the agency’s policy that it will stop enforcing requirements under a wide range of federal environmental laws during the coronavirus pandemic.


Driving innovation in supply-chain practices post-pandemic


A number of forward-thinking companies are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to drive promising innovations in their global supply chains.


Why compliance culture must lead in return from coronavirus


Is managing our return to the workplace a job for the compliance department? The better question may be how can we get all employees to serve the wider compliance effort, writes Martin Woods.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—fear

2020-05-13T17:37:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory explains the importance of identifying and overcoming your fears as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

Safe bank

Analysis: The problem with keeping a secret


You can’t hide behind the numbers, as numerous banks, including Bank Hapoalim, found out recently when rampant tax evasion took hold in Switzerland.


House committee seeks to claw back PPP loans, singles out five companies


A House committee is demanding that large public companies that accepted Paycheck Protection Program loans meant for small businesses return them immediately.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—stress

2020-05-08T15:17:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory examines two popular ways to cope with stress and offers tips to combat fatigue as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.


How some companies are hedging supply chain risk during pandemic


As financial hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic take their toll, some forward-thinking companies have made changes to the benefit of suppliers, serving as leaders for others in their industry.

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VP’s abrupt exit paints Amazon as coronavirus villain


Saying there is “evidence of a vein of toxicity” running through Amazon’s company culture, a now-former VP is the most prominent voice to speak out against the tech behemoth’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic.


At urging of compliance committee, Samsung head apologizes for bad behavior


Jay Lee admitted Samsung “has not strictly complied with laws and ethics” at a press conference organized by the company’s new compliance oversight committee.

Mallory podcast

Podcast: Tools for leading during a crisis—dysfunctions of a team

2020-05-06T13:54:00+01:00By Penny Mallory

Performance coach and former rally car champion Penny Mallory shines light on a handful of individual risks to team performance as part of her emotional intelligence podcast series.

Aaron Nicodemus

The seven worst compliance fails of the coronavirus pandemic


Compliance and ethics fails during the coronavirus pandemic have done more than hurt companies’ images. They’ve cost lives.

EU shop closed

European regulators warn coronavirus villains will be punished … eventually


While EU regulators have not engaged in investigations yet or launched many (or any) coronavirus-related enforcement actions, lawyers warn they will do so later down the line and believe they will tackle “worst offenders” first.