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PCAOB proposal increases stakes on auditor negligence


Rule amendments proposed by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board would enable the agency to penalize individual auditors more easily when their conduct is deemed to have contributed to violations by their firms.

Wells Fargo bank

News Brief

​Ex-Wells Fargo exec dodges prison for fake accounts role


Carrie Tolstedt, the former head of Wells Fargo’s community bank who pleaded guilty to obstructing justice regarding her role in the bank’s infamous fake accounts scandal, will not serve prison time.


News Brief

Orthofix ousts top execs for ‘offensive conduct’; CECO among interim successors


Orthofix Medical announced a shake-up of its C-suite after an investigation uncovered “repeated inappropriate and offensive conduct” by top executives that forced the company to fire them for cause.



Five ways to build a top ethics and compliance team

2023-09-08T16:00:00+01:00By Luciane Mallmann, for International Compliance Association

Luciane Mallmann, head of ethics and compliance for U.K. and Ireland at real estate services company JLL, shares how embedding ethics and compliance into culture, strategy, and operations can add value to a business and its people.



Q&A: Lexmark sustainability chief on defying ESG criticism to ‘stay the course’


John Gagel, chief sustainability officer for Lexmark International, shares with Compliance Week why the private company tracks its greenhouse gas emissions and plans to comply with the climate-related disclosure rule proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.



Q&A: Zeta CCO on leading innovation with compliance


Karla Booe, chief compliance officer for Zeta Services, discusses with Compliance Week how the card processor bakes compliance into its decision-making process for new technologies and product offerings.



Large companies in crosshairs early under German Supply Chain Act


Amazon, IKEA, and Volkswagen were among the companies targeted in the first round of complaints under the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act—an early indication nongovernmental organizations will seek to hold big businesses accountable for alleged human rights violations.

ESG concept


Appreciating ESG fraud risk management

2023-08-31T13:00:00+01:00By Tim Klatte, CW guest columnist

The factors that surround the environmental, social, and governance disciplines have grown from just a few to more than 50 considerations, indicating all three ESG elements carry equal weight when evaluating a proper corporate strategy.



Keep ‘your’ in mind while reading ‘Living Your Best Compliance Life’


Author Mary Shirley establishes her ethics and compliance advice book as relatable for all practitioners, junior or senior level. The result is an enjoyable read that offers something for everyone from any E&C background.



Recent claims cast doubt on legitimacy of behavioral science

2023-08-14T16:17:00+01:00By Paul Eccleson, for International Compliance Association

Assessing allegations of data manipulation in psychological studies involving a Harvard Business School professor, Paul Eccleson asks whether we can trust research on behavioral science.



​SEC’s latest whistleblower award worth note beyond $104M payout


The SEC announced a $104 million award split among seven whistleblowers, but the fact nearly a dozen claimants contacted the agency seeking to provide information related to one action should be notable to companies regarding the stakes of the current whistleblower landscape.



Q&A: FlightHub compliance officer on shift to culture of compliance


Sona Bedrossian, FlightHub Group’s general counsel and compliance officer, explains to Compliance Week how the online travel agency embeds compliance into its technology.



Need to know: New York City AI bias law


Companies that use automated tools to screen candidates for jobs based in New York City must check those systems for bias or potentially run afoul of a first-in-the-nation law.

Google building

News Brief

Tech giants, White House agree to AI risk management guidelines


Technology companies including Google, Meta, and OpenAI agreed to a series of voluntary commitments they’ll make regarding their management of risks when developing artificial intelligence systems.

Supreme Court


Corporate implications of SCOTUS affirmative action reversal


The trickle-down effects of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning affirmative action in college admissions have already come to light. With legal attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on the horizon, private employers should risk assess their programs.

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CPE Webcast: How to create compliance training employees connect with

2023-07-19T14:00:00+01:00Provided by Learning Pool

Behind every one of your company’s risks and opportunities are its people. Employees are bringing their own experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and backgrounds—how do we as compliance practitioners create training that connects to learners equally effectively across the board?



Supreme Court to consider case that could affect corporate whistleblowing


The Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a case, Murray v. UBS Securities, that has focused attention on the burden of proof whistleblowers reporting misconduct internally must meet to establish retaliation by their public company employer.

WIC networking


Self check-ins key to personal, professional growth


“Risk assess yourself constantly.” Expert speakers at Compliance Week’s Women in Compliance Summit dispensed this career advice in more ways than one.

WIC Amii


Women in Compliance Summit proves value of congregating, allyship


Compliance Week’s inaugural Women in Compliance Summit featured two days dedicated to elevating attendees and addressing some of the unique challenges women face in the profession.



Creating impactful compliance training

2023-07-06T15:28:00+01:00By Jon Prentice, International Compliance Association

Speakers as part of a webinar hosted by the International Compliance Association discuss practical tips for engaging learners via compliance training beyond the traditional tick-box approach.


News Brief

​PwC Australia removes chief risk officer after tax scandal review


PwC Australia exited eight partners, including its former chief risk and reputation officer, following an investigation into the sharing of confidential government tax policy information at the firm.


News Brief

Lawsuit: Ex-FTX CCO bribed whistleblowers into silence


The former chief compliance officer at cryptocurrency exchange FTX paid off whistleblowers and their lawyers trying to expose the company’s fraud, according to a lawsuit filed in bankruptcy court by FTX and its debtors.

Uber building


Learning from Uber’s DEI setback: Why structure, collaboration matter


Experts look back at Uber’s recent diversity, equity, and inclusion fiasco and illuminate hazards to avoid, allowing organizations to gain a stronger footing on their own DEI journeys.

Cybersecurity offices


NAVEX report: Driven by cyber threats, infosec compliance top of mind


Compliance teams are taking more responsibility for issues related to information security and data privacy, motivated by increasing threats posed by data breaches and cyber intrusions, according to a new survey from NAVEX.

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CPE Webcast: Compliance can be an advantage

2023-06-20T14:00:00+01:00Provided by UKG

Explore the people and business opportunities that lie at the intersection of evolving human capital management technology and employers’ complex compliance obligations.

ICA ESG e-Book


e-Book: ESG survey: Social risks, blind spots, and barriers

2023-06-08T13:20:00+01:00Provided by

This free e-Book explores why companies understand the social risks in their supply chains posed by corruption, inequality, and employment standards but don’t always fully recognize less visible risks such as forced and child labor.



‘Bully Market’ depicts Goldman Sachs lacking in culture vigilance


Jamie Fiore Higgins’s experiences at Goldman Sachs as chronicled in her memoir “Bully Market” prove a timely read following the investment bank’s $215 million class-action settlement over gender discrimination.

Forced labor hands


Survey: Social risks in supply chain prove vexing for GRC professionals


Respondents to a survey conducted by the International Compliance Association said they were confident they understood and are properly monitoring the social risks in their companies’ supply chains, though blind spots regarding cultures and strategic plans remain.

Working with AI


Responsible use cases exist for generative AI in compliance—if you plan carefully


The possibilities for productive use of generative AI are alluring, compliance professionals say. But harnessing the technology in an ethical and compliant manner requires thorough risk assessment.

Cultivating culture panel CW2023


Culture goals: ‘Get out of the squishiness and into something measurable’


Organizations must move beyond abstract theory and truly measure their compliance culture, a panel of experts discussed during Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Risk assessment panel CW2023


Risk assessment fundamentals: Flexibility, accountability, more


Tailoring your risk assessments to guidance from your relevant regulators is a good idea, a panel of compliance practitioners speaking at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference agreed. But it certainly isn’t the place to start.

Culture panel CW2023


CW2023 panel: Taking on the corporate culture monster


A trio of panelists offered a framework and strategy for embedding ethical culture into organizations at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Eric Choy CW2023


CW2023: CBP official on early impact of Uyghur forced labor law


Customs agents have flagged thousands of products marked as made in Malaysia, Vietnam, or elsewhere in accordance with the UFLPA, an official from U.S. Customs and Border Protection shared during a panel at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Compliance and HR CW2023


‘Elephant in the room’: Combating tension between compliance, HR


Regulators are collaborating—both domestically and internationally—more than ever before. And they expect companies to be doing the same, noted panelists during a session on collaboration between compliance and human resources at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Amy Schuh CW2023


‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable’: Compliance vets share career advice at CW2023


Experienced compliance professionals offered career advice and tips for building trust between compliance and the C-suite during a panel discussion at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

From Training to Learning


How ‘Star Wars’ references in E&C training can help employees avoid the dark side


Compliance practitioners learned how to become ethical Jedi masters during a panel discussion on integrating pop culture into training at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Mary Inman CW2023


Whistleblower attorney: Companies that don’t welcome complaints may pay price


Businesses found ignoring tips from employees about possible internal wrongdoing could face stiffer penalties, warned Mary Inman, partner at law firm Constantine Cannon, at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.



Expert: It’s time to embrace artificial intelligence

2023-05-23T17:10:00+01:00By Judith Hawkins, International Compliance Association

The rapid rate at which technology is developing is staggering, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence. Can we, as compliance practitioners, keep up?

CW2023 crowd shot


Highlights from Compliance Week 2023


Significant changes in policy and technology, in addition to fresh perspectives on tried-and-true compliance topics, highlighted the discussion at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

CW2023 Leadership Panel


CW2023 leadership panel assesses new DOJ priorities, training impact


Recent policy changes at the Department of Justice provided plenty of fodder for a leadership panel of senior legal and compliance practitioners to discuss during Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Think Tank


CW2023 think tank: Compliance officers grapple with post-pandemic world


Senior-level compliance professionals granted anonymity met to candidly discuss the compliance officer’s role in a post-pandemic environment during a Day 1 think tank at Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference.

Sahar Yousef CW2023


It’s not you, it’s your brain: CW2023 kicks off with neuroscience reality check


Neuroscientists Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller kicked off Compliance Week’s 2023 National Conference with a keynote reminding attendees we’re all human and there are habits we think set us up for success that actually work against us.

Amex GBT EIC 2023


Amex GBT navigates tricky 2022 to win Compliance Program of the Year


Going public, sanctions, a key merger. For its navigating a series of competing compliance challenges while maintaining trust with clients and travelers, American Express Global Business Travel was honored as Compliance Program of the Year at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Bianca Forde EIC 2023


Data-driven disruptor Bianca Forde hailed as Compliance Innovator


In just one year, Bianca Forde improved the ethics and compliance program at Otis Elevator Company through collaboration, innovation, and data-driven solutions. Her work earned her the nod as Compliance Innovator of the Year at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Bill Burtis EIC 2023


Great connector Bill Burtis celebrated by colleagues as CCO of the Year


Bill Burtis, affable chief compliance officer of networking and cybersecurity solutions company Juniper Networks, was named CCO of the Year at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Haluk Ferden Gursel EIC 2023


Career fraud fighter Haluk Ferden Gursel honored for Lifetime Achievement


Haluk Ferden Gursel brought his experience in fraud prevention to the United Nations, World Health Organization, classroom, and more, solidifying himself as an expert on the subject and earning recognition for Lifetime Achievement at the 2023 Excellence in Compliance Awards.

Anastasia Savvateeva EIC 2023


Q&A: Rising Star in Compliance Anastasia Savvateeva


Anastasia Savvateeva, deputy head of financial crime compliance for continental Europe at Fidelity International Luxembourg, shares with Compliance Week her view on keys to compliance success, work experiences, and future aspirations.

Rachel Simon EIC 2023


Q&A: Compliance Mentor of the Year Rachel Simon


Rachel Simon, vice president of privacy at AT&T, discusses with Compliance Week how leveraging her networking skills has helped the telecommunications giant build diversity in its ranks.

ESG vector


ESG reporting an opportunity to showcase compliance quality

2023-05-12T14:43:00+01:00By Hassan Chaudry, CW guest columnist

Hassan Chaudry, director of compliance at Canada-based asset management firm Starlight Investments, shares his take on how companies can derive value from their compliance efforts regarding environmental, social, and governance and anti-bribery and corruption.

Flex sign


Chapter 4: Customers’ cooperation key to Flex’s 2030 sustainability strategy


Reaching a meeting of the minds with customers is essential to Flex achieving its long-term goals. The company’s president of manufacturing and services discusses its investment in sustainability solutions and progress to be made in remanufacturing.