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SEC explores possible new rules on auditor independence


The Securities and Exchange Commission is exploring the possibility of new rulemaking regarding auditor independence.


Banks finalize CECL prep, but others have work to do


Big banks are making progress in preparing for CECL, but non-bank operating companies are likely to face a heavier lift as they approach the fourth quarter.


LIBOR report suggests steep uphill climb still ahead


Despite warnings to prepare, financial institutions still face a lot of work and uncertainty around the demise of LIBOR, a new assessment suggests.


Lease rule implementation still a slog, poll says


Halfway through the first year reporting under new lease accounting rules, only one-fourth of public companies said their implementations were complete, according to a recent Deloitte poll.


Auditors develop practice aid to compare notes on CECL


Auditors are comparing notes on how they will interact with audit committees regarding CECL, developing a practice aid that might also interest preparers.


EY analysis: Audit committees increasing their disclosures to shareholders


Audit committees continue to increase the amount of disclosures they are providing to shareholders across a wide variety of categories, according to a recent analysis conducted by EY.

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Webcast: Reducing time, cost & risk with accounting automation

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Company management and their auditors might not see eye to eye on everything. But clients and their third-party examiners typically agree that the audit process could be improved.


Ex-KPMG leader atop 'chain of corruption' gets a year and a day in jail


A former KPMG leader was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison and three years of supervised release for his role in a scheme to subvert the regulatory inspection process.


Merrill Lynch to pay $300K for failing to ‘promptly’ produce audit trail data


Merrill Lynch must pay a $300,000 civil monetary penalty for failing to promptly produce to the CFTC certain required records and, separately, failing to supervise its employees and agents.


PCAOB sanctions Marcum over auditor independence issues


The PCAOB has settled disciplinary actions with audit firm Marcum, an affiliated firm, and its former auditor independence leader over independence violations.


Investors want more from banks on CECL, says FASB member


Investors want more information from leading banks over how financial statements will be affected by the adoption of the new CECL approach to credit losses.


FASB offers changes to ease reference rate transition


FASB is proposing guidance intended to ease the potential accounting burden companies expect to face as they navigate reference rate reform.


Government watchdog group targets PCAOB performance


The PCAOB is taking heat from a government watchdog group, which says the audit regulator is “doing a feeble job” protecting investors.


Migration to new SOX technology picks up pace, report says


Amid persistent cost and compliance challenges with internal controls, the pace of migration toward new accounting technologies appears to be picking up.


Unclaimed property filing deadlines loom large


Deadlines are fast approaching for state unclaimed property filings, with roughly 40 states setting filing dates on Oct. 31 or Nov. 1.


Auditors ID 1.8 CAMs per large accelerated filer, report says


Large accelerated filers saw an average of 1.8 issues called out as critical audit matters in their first round of reporting, according to a new analysis.


GE whistleblower report shines light on insurance liability


Recent whistleblower allegations against GE have put a spotlight on mounting liabilities that will hit corporate balance sheets when insurance accounting rules shift.

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e-Book: CECL: A look at FASB’s new credit loss standard

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The Financial Accounting Standard Board’s new accounting standard on current expected credit loss, or CECL, takes effect January 2020 for large public companies.

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KPMG CEO elects not to seek second term


Lynne Doughtie, chairman and CEO of KPMG, has decided she will not seek re-election when her term expires next summer.


SEC settles with RSM over audit independence issues


The SEC has settled charges with RSM related to numerous auditor independence violations, spanning more than 100 audit reports across 15 clients.


SAExploration ousts senior leadership amid SEC probe


SAExploration Holdings announced the SEC has launched an investigation into areas of its accounting from 2015-16. The company also disclosed a significant reshuffling of its senior leadership team.


Revenue recognition drove 2018 restatements, new report says


Revenue recognition drove more restatements in 2018 than in prior years and caused more restatements than any other area of accounting, a new study finds.


PCAOB issues new guidance on auditing estimates


The PCAOB has issued new guidance to auditors about how to comply with new rules on auditing estimates, supervising specialists, and relying on their work.

United Kingdom

Amid industry crackdown, U.K. audit firms evolving with the times


It’s been an intense year for the audit industry in the United Kingdom—and things are expected only to get tougher as a new audit regulator, with new leadership and stronger statutory powers, prepares to take the reins.


Webcast: Why T&E audit is more than policy compliance

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Organizations are failing to solve the employee-spend challenge as travel and expense (T&E) transactions continue to suffer from non-compliance and fraud. Companies also have unnecessarily high audit costs and inadequate risk coverage thanks to manual testing of T&E transactions.


FASB plans delay for new insurance standard


FASB is proposing another accounting delay, this time for a standard that will change the way companies recognize long-term insurance obligations.


Is whistleblowing working? New claims raise questions


Sweeping, open allegations of fraud against major public companies raise fresh questions about the effectiveness of regulatory whistleblower programs.

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Webcast: Getting the audit scores you want

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Many organizations today need to adhere to stringent audit and compliance rules to prove they’re following established guidelines and regulations. An automated compliance approach centralizes audit information, and provides easier access to key controls and status. Furthermore, automation can reduce labor intensive costs and non-value-added time often associated with manual ...

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Sealed Air dumps EY & hires PwC, as SEC investigates


Under investigation over how it appointed EY, Sealed Air cut ties with its auditor and appointed PwC after clearing independence concerns.


GE rails against new whistleblower allegations of fraud


GE picks apart new whistleblower allegations of $38 billion accounting fraud. “Market manipulation—pure and simple,” says Chairman and CEO Larry Culp.

Federal Reserve

Fed study minimizes lending, volatility concerns of CECL


A new analysis out of the Federal Reserve suggests concerns over the expected economic effects of CECL, the new rule on credit losses, may be overstated.

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FASB formally proposes accounting change delays, including CECL


FASB is formally proposing major changes to effective dates for several significant accounting standards, including a CECL delay for smaller reporting companies.


Market punishes auditors who flag control issues, study says


Auditors walk a fine line in reporting adverse internal controls, straddling regulators when they fail to flag weaknesses but punished in the market when they do.


Regulatory events coming this fall

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Check out information on upcoming events from such regulators as the PCAOB, FDIC, SEC, DOJ, and more.

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White paper: ASC 842 and IFRS 16: 5 Lessons Learned for a Smoother Transition

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The long-term impact of the new lease accounting compliance standards has yet to be seen, but the implementation issues facing many entities have become increasingly evident.

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Former KPMG, PCAOB leader gets prison time in inspections scandal


A former audit inspector and executive director at KPMG was sentenced to eight months in prison after entering a guilty plea related to a scheme to steal inspection plans.


Ex-KPMG partner to pay $125K in insider trading case


A former KPMG partner charged by the SEC with insider trading has been ordered to pay a civil penalty of $125,000 and suspended from appearing or practicing before the Commission as an attorney or accountant.


Both investors, companies unhappy with FASB’s tax disclosure proposal


Accounting rulemakers have their work cut out for them trying to determine how to meet investors’ needs for information about corporate tax risks without breaking preparers’ backs.


Still more work ahead on leases, says new survey


Midway through the first year of complying with new lease accounting rules, only a little more than half of public companies said they completed their transition.

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PCAOB fines PwC Mexico over auditor independence


U.S. audit regulators have fined PwC’s affiliate in Mexico for a seemingly brazen failure to observe auditor independence rules.


Deloitte names, describes two CAMs at Microsoft


Among the first to disclose critical audit matters, Microsoft’s auditor, Deloitte, identifies revenue recognition and uncertain tax positions as CAMs.


Investigation widens into how Sealed Air selected its audit firm


Packaging company Sealed Air, currently under investigation by the SEC, has received a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of North Carolina and faces a related investigation by the DOJ.


Fraud in non-GAAP: DOJ, SEC pursue parallel charges


The U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are pursuing fraud charges over manipulation of a non-GAAP metric at a publicly traded real estate investment trust.


House considers creating PCAOB whistleblower program


The House is considering a bill that would give the PCAOB a whistleblower system under Sarbanes-Oxley like the one operated by the SEC.


FASB allows optionality in certain lease receivables


FASB has issued new lease accounting guidance allowing options for how to reflect uncertain operating lease receivables, which is sure to produce reporting differences.


FASB seeks change to liabilities, equities guidance


FASB has issued a proposal on the distinction between liabilities and equity meant to cut through complexity known to compromise reporting quality.


FASB proposes fix to rules on financial instruments


FASB is proposing amendments to GAAP to clarify interactions among different rules on measuring investments and securities.

Comment letter

SEC comments drove changes in revenue reporting, analysis says


SEC comments on early reports under the new revenue recognition standard tended to sway companies to revise their reporting, analysis shows.

Federal Reserve

SEC: Transition from LIBOR has taken on ‘urgency’


Regulators are starting to freak out a little over what will happen in U.S. financial markets in 2021 when a major benchmark interest rate is expected to vanish.

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ICFR findings rose in 2018, pending report to say


Adverse auditor attestations on the state of internal controls at public companies made a bit of a comeback in 2018 after a brief retreat, according to a coming report from Audit Analytics.