May 25, 2018, the effective date of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, is fast approaching and establishes the most sweeping changes to EU data privacy laws in more than 20 years. For compliance officers and data privacy professionals alike, the GDPR will require a careful and comprehensive overhaul of data privacy programs, procedures, data analytics practices, training, and so much more.

In this e-Book, we explain in detail what the GDPR is and what new changes it demands from companies that collect or process personal data on EU citizens. Examples of questions that will be answered include: Under what circumstances is a data protection officer required? What are the steps toward GDPR readiness? What comprehensive role does compliance play in GDPR readiness? What new technology exists to assist?

This e-Book will also explore several other critical compliance considerations, including:

What knowledge, skills, and expertise to look for in a data protection officer;

Overlooked compliance risks, and how to avoid them;

How to resolve key issues in information security and risk management ;

How to practice good, clean data management; and

How to process data analytics legally under the GDPR.

Finally, this eBook will also discuss the findings of a recent GDPR benchmark report so that companies can gauge how their GDPR compliance efforts stack up against their peers. With GDPR’s effective date right around the corner, prudent compliance officers and data privacy officers will want to peruse the wealth of information in this eBook to assess their GDPR readiness and risks overall.