Law firms are being tasked with protecting themselves and their clients from increased security concerns and third-party risks while having to do so with stagnant or even decreasing technology budgets. This is causing both firms and their technology service providers to think outside the box and come up with new, innovative strategies to help reduce security and risk concerns while also reducing their overall cost to implement and maintain.

In mid-2015, a steering committee was formed that was composed of members from 25 of the top global law firms and Prevalent—a leader in third-party vendor risk management and cyber-threat intelligence. This committee wanted to develop a new, smarter way to protect law firms and their clients from third-party risk. They also wanted a solution to help them reduce their overall IT spending in connection with third-party risk management. This need resulted in the creation and launch of the Prevalent Legal Vendor Network™ (LVN).

Download this white paper today to learn more about LVN and how this approach to vendor risk management can work across all industries faced with protecting themselves from third- and fourth-party risks.