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    ABA resolution latest effort to separate lawyers from clients’ crimes


    Under increasing pressure from federal lawmakers and regulators, the American Bar Association agreed to strengthen the obligations lawyers must meet when weighing whether to stop representing clients who might be using their services to commit financial crimes.

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    FDIC paves way for rollback of initial swap margin requirements


    The move to ditch the requirement that insured depository institutions collect initial margin from affiliates is being praised by regulators for bringing the U.S. into alignment with other countries and freeing up $39.4 billion in collateral.

  • Federal Reserve

    Fed study minimizes lending, volatility concerns of CECL


    A new analysis out of the Federal Reserve suggests concerns over the expected economic effects of CECL, the new rule on credit losses, may be overstated.

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    Defining Materiality and Sustainability


    “Materiality” has long been defined as that financial information which might harm or benefit a shareholder. In modern corporate governance, however, that’s changing. One new proposal seeks to define material information in terms of sustainability for multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders. That has sparked debates over fiduciary duty, corporate personhood, ...

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    ABA Seeks Clarity for Corporate Monitors


    Image: The American Bar Association is mulling new standards for corporate monitors that effectively could make the monitorship process a lot easier, cheaper, and transparent for compliance officers working with them. “The standards go a long way toward facilitating a better relationship between the monitor and the company,” says John ...