Accellion and Check Point Software Technologies recently announced a joint partnership to deliver an integrated solution that enables organizations to protect sensitive content as it enters and leaves the enterprise.

By integrating Accellion with Check Point’s SandBlast advanced threat prevention technology, organizations can be assured that all information coming in and going out of the enterprise has been analyzed using the most powerful inspection techniques, significantly reducing the risk of a malware/ransomware infection. Every file that moves across Accellion’s platform will undergo an advanced threat prevention scan before any internal or external recipient can access it.

Accellion extends the security perimeter beyond an organization’s firewall to enable secure file-sharing and collaboration with partners, vendors, and other service providers by aggregating sensitive content from sources and systems both on-premise and in the cloud—such as SharePoint, Office 365, Oracle and Salesforce. Critical security features including AES 256 encryption of all content in transit and at rest help protect content when it is shared externally. In addition, governance capabilities such as granular policy controls and certified FIPS 140-2 compliance enable organizations to demonstrate compliance with government regulations.

In addition, any content that is filtered through Check Point’s advanced threat prevention technology is logged and registered, and Accellion provides a detailed report that adheres to the guidelines set out by numerous regulations, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the EU GDPR, federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), Sarbanes-Oxley, and others.